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Whilst researching Loco Dice’s recent ‘lets make each venue nigh-on impossible to find’ world tour. I came across a bootleg remix of LD’s “Pimp Jackson Is Talkin’ Now” by an American producer called Dubbel Dutch.

Quickly scanning through the blurb, the eye-catching mention of ‘bludgeoning-basslines’ was enough to get me downloading. So before long, the bootleg and another track titled ‘Maser’ were heading in the direction of my speakers. From that day forward, Dubbel’s raw-edged blunts have rarely been too far away from my immediate access. With a distinct production-style varying between Baltimore ghetto-tech and London gutter-house, he’s since gone on to rework Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” and Tina Moore’s 2-Step anthem, “Never Gonna Let You Go”.

Despite now sitting on over a dozen currently unreleased, yet easily accessible tracks, the wobble-crazed Texan is still relatively unknown in the UK and to my knowledge he’s yet to grace these fine shores. However, across the pond, his underground profile is surfacing and with an EP about to drop on Palms Out Sounds, don’t be too surprised if you hear his name again in the coming months.

Dubbel Dutch - Infinite Decimal

Dubbel Dutch - Steak Sauce

Either way, anyone who's unfamiliar and currently enjoying L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok’s excursions into off-kilter bass-culture, should get on the case.


A quick visit to Hype Machine will score you some of the tracks in question: http://hypem.com/search/dubbel%20dutch/1/

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