"I am nothing but a grime MC"
Introducing Meridian Dan

Storming the UK with his street anthem ‘German Whip’, Meridian Dan has gone from slowly developing the basis of his career, to hitting more than one million Youtube plays and being signed to London’s PMR Records. It’s the kind of whirlwind success that erupts after a strong mix of hard work and dedication. Yet, despite the incredibly long journey, Dan’s skyrocket to success over the past month or so, one that has placed him firmly in the grip of industry critics, has by no means faded his affiliation with East London grime circles, stating in a recent press release how both himself and PMR have a ‘vision for broadening the scope of grime music’.

So just ahead of his debut performance this Thursday, when Dan joins the likes of P Money, Evian Christ and Jam City for Rinse FM’s Easter Special party, we had a quick chat in the midst of his hectic schedule to find out what’s in store.

Hi Dan, how are you today?
I am very good thank you, the sun is shining too so can’t complain.

How would you describe your sound and what you do?
I would describe my sound as pure UK grime music and I am nothing but a grime MC.

When did you first start MC’ing? Who and what inspired you?
I’ve been MC’ing forever really but I would say I started around the age of 10 years. I always had music playing around me as I grew up and was initially inspired by Reggae and Hip Hop artists.

East London’s Heat and Déjà Vu FM were a big part of your early career as Meridian Dan, how did you get involved with the station and working with the likes of Skepta, JME and Dizzee Rascal?
It was normal for me to be MCing with Skepta and JME as they are my good friends, people who I grew up with. We all ended up on Heat FM and Deja Vu because they were the local London stations and what we were listening to at the time so it was the most natural place for us to go to get heard.

I read that you took some time out away from music, what was the initial decision behind that and what brought you back? 
I decided to take some time out from music because I wasn’t getting paid from it and I had outside stresses to deal with that were more important. But, after being away I managed to sort my life out completely and I ended up in a happier place so wanted to start writing again.

How have the past few months been for you? It seems like it’s been pretty crazy since the release of your single ‘German Whip’, what have been your best moments so far?
These last few months have literally been crazy! I definitely did not expect my life to change like this. My best moments have been when Toddla T first played my tune, then I gained support from Annie Mac and Zane Lowe where he actually invited me onto his show for an interview, then recently I performed at the O2 with Tinie Tempah which was incredible. I also went onto Soccer AM last weekend which was another one of my favourite experiences.

And how did ‘German Whip’ come about? What was the idea behind it?
German Whip came about by mistake to be honest, I was in a taxi after a long day and literally leaning back with the windows blacked out and it just came to me naturally. Then from there, I went straight to the studio, called up JME and H and made the song!

What do you have in store for the rest of 2014?
This year I will be finishing my debut album, I Am London, so look out for that! Then I have a few festivals such as Wireless and Global Gathering and I’m off out of England and performing at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks which I’m really excited for.

You’re playing at fabric for Rinse’s Easter Special on Thursday. What can we expect from you?
Yes, next week you can expect nothing but good music and an even better live show.

Finally, if you could recommend to us three of your favourite tunes right now – what would they be?
My 3 favourite tunes at the moment are German Whip, German Whip Remix and Don’t Waste My Time by Krept and Konan .


Thursday 17th April

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