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Jesse Rose Celebrates Two Decades in the Game

When Jesse Rose announced his retirement from music at the end of 2016, the news was met with a range of reactions: few had anticipated his Alright Mate LP would be his last, and many fans were shocked he’d be quitting touring altogether.

We were naturally also keen to ensure Rose stopped by Farringdon one last time before making his departure. Rose, of course, has had an extensive history with us: early on in his career he held a residency at FABRICLIVE, and has since played across both Friday and Saturday nights of our programming. Most recently he put out his own killer edition to our mix series in FABRICLIVE 85, as well as contributing a track to last year’s #savefabric compilation.

When we found out he was embarking on a final world tour throughout this year, we hastily invited Rose to join us to play alongside Eats Everything in Room One.

Ahead of his final performance in the club this weekend, we also got in touch with Rose for a conversation to discuss the highlights of his career, how retirement is treating him, and what comes next in his story.

This is your last tour – do you feel a sense of accomplishment looking back?

Absolutely, I feel like I did way more than I ever dreamed of or expected could even happen. I guess that's why I felt pretty confident in deciding that this would be my final year. I mean not many people have the chance to play fabric every other week when they're in their early twenties and then move to Berlin and take a monthly residency at Panorama Bar right?

What are you most proud of over the length of your career?

I feel like being able to bring through a new generation of artists such as Christian Nielsen, Riva Starr and Oliver Dollar has really been a highlight.

How did friends respond to your announcement?

When I first called up my friends – especially the DJs and producers – I secretly recorded them because I knew they would go nuts. I didn't ever expect I would do this, but after going away and switching off for three weeks I realised it was time for a change. The reactions were of surprise and real positivity. When I first posted about it at the end of last year I honestly could never have expected the amount of love that came back. At first I think a lot of people thought I'd change my mind, but I think people know now that it's for real.

Has your lifestyle changed since moving to LA?

Certainly, just living in LA has been a massive lifestyle change. You have sun every day, the atmosphere is really positive and you get to see and meet so many different types of people. It's a pretty addictive vibe.

You’ve mentioned trying to give the younger generation a help in the industry – what do you plan to do with your record collection now that you won’t be touring?

I still love those records, so I don't imagine giving them away right now but I do try at every opportunity to give advice to people coming up that I meet on my travels or via social media and also making a clear point that there needs to be more room made for the up-coming. I'm really pushing this point via interviews, conferences and especially with promoters.

How did you go about planning your final tour?

I would love to say it was a breeze but it really took a huge amount of planning and I really have to thank Darren at FMLY and Ryan at WME. I wanted to go back to all my favourite clubs and a lot of festivals I've played over the last two decades and getting those dates to work in an order over a nine month period is not an easy job, but in the end here we are with a tour that ticks every box for me. I've honestly been super touched by the crowds everywhere I've played all over the world.

Do you remember your first time playing at fabric?

I remember playing Room One – my hand was shaking so much I struggled to put the needle on the record, but it was amazing. The club was where I properly learned to DJ, thanks to Judy [Griffith, fabric promotions manager] I had the chance to play alongside some of the world’s best DJs. My career would have not been the same without the apprenticeship I had there. Shaun [Roberts, former FABRICLIVE promotions manager] was the guy that really pushed me into the club and I'm also super thankful to him.

Have you planned on what to do next?

I have, but you'll have to wait a little minute for that news…

Saturday 26th August

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