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Krystal Klear, Tiger & Woods And Their Shared Love Of Edits

Ahead of the return of the Manchester institution Hoya:Hoya to Room Two this coming Friday (2nd October) we arranged a conversation between one of its residents, Krystal Klear and the production duo of Tiger & Woods, who he’ll be going back to back with at FABRICLIVE this weekend. We wanted them to properly delve into a discussion about their musical preferences and production strategies and already boasting what seems to be a blossoming musical relationship and a mutual respect for each other (Tiger & Woods were invited to remix Krystal Klear’s ‘Addition’ a couple years back) we kind of knew the flow of conversation would come pretty easy…

Krystal Klear: What do you find the toughest part of the production process? Naturally you take helm of a lot of old records to create the core of your track... how does that effect the direction and process of making your music?

Tiger & Woods: Well, the most difficult part for us has always been the mixing of the track. No matter what sort of stuff we’re producing, ideally we always try to have that kind of texture of the early '80s records, and so far we’ve never achieved that except when massively using samples. That said, we use vinyl records to sample but also digital files. Sampling isn’t always necessarily the start of a production, it really depends. If we are ‘micro’ sampling we begin with drum machines and synths but with ‘marco’ sampling, it’s the other way round.

While your DJ sets have a wider spectrum, we hear more mid to late '80s influences in your productions rather than old school boogie and disco, would you agree? Are you more of a Italo house guy than an Italo disco guy?

KK: To be honest, I am just a bottom line melody guy so it can kind of resonate to me from any angle of Italo to big salsoul productions to SOLAR boogie 12"s and even tinny UK mid '80s pop stuff... it kinda all gets thrown in the melting pot of my influences. I certainly think I have made a conscious effort to get that across but certainly on 'Addiction' (which you guys kindly smashed a remix for) I touched more on my Italo taste than anything else.

Which is your favourite 12" out of the Editainment series? I know this might seem like a crap question but fuck it, I'm curious. I feel those 12"s still retain unheard gold which is what I love about good records like these... that you can rediscover amazing B sides that may never have gotten the shine. And what's your overall opinion on edits... are somethings over used or not? Should Carl Bean and Loleatta stay in the drawer for a bit?

T&W: It's a difficult question, not a crap one! We are particularly in love with the Pop & Eye ‘Out To Punch’. This is the way we love to think of an edit which, at the end of the day, is not an edit at all. It's more about focusing on a specific part of a song, and extending it/rebuilding it until you get a brand new flavour. I would suggest you to bring it back in the record box as this is quite an all-time classic in our opinion. As for the edit concept in general, we are not big big fans of edits. I mean, if edit means just extending an old track and fixing the beats, well that doesn't have any sort of charm. And man, there are so many out there. If it's just an extension of an old track, technology allows me to put that on the fly at the party, so there's no need for an official release.

Do you ever play your ‘un-mastered’ tracks at the party? I mean, how many unreleased songs will we have the pleasure to listen when we all DJ together? We are asking you this cause we love to test our sketches when we perform. Do you ever bring any of the studio jams to a show before you even finish them? Don't you think that for dance music producers this is a very important test? Especially nowadays that we don't need to press a white label to be able to test it…

KK: I used to rarely play my own music in my sets which is a fucking terrible trait of mine that everyone from my mother to my management gives me shit about because I developed this stupid habit of forgetting to play my own music in the rave, which is likely to be because I see other songs in my crate that I draw to more. But in the past years I have knocked the habit and I make it my absolute business to drop at least three productions a set cause otherwise I'm falling more into the category of a DJ and not an artist. I like testing stuff out, but not as much for sonics, but for reaction. I played a new sketch at Panorama Bar and I remember it got the shutters with people going crazy and from that moment alone NOTHING would stop me from releasing that record so yeah, I guess testing new stuff is as extremely beneficial as it is important.

Do you reckon Gerd Janson is actually Jesus and if so what does he hide in his beard? (Apart from Larry Levan's Bozak and every record of all time)

T&W: We've been saying he's the best DJ in world for the last 10 years, but I still haven’t see him walkin’ over water. I believe he hides some sort of new technology inside his beard, something that turns the tracks he plays into something you would kill for. He has even been able to make us like tracks we didn't like before!

When was the first time you walked into a club? And what is the track you have the biggest memory of? Maybe we could play that to you and give you an emotional breakdown!

KK: The first club I walked into was probably some shitebox in Dublin so I can't say it really counts but I certainly remember the first record I lost my shit to in a club and that was Layo & Bushwacka’s 'Love Story’. Amongst Scooter and the other madness the local DJ was playing, it was ‘Love Story’ that I genuinely loved and was obsessed with when I was about 14. I sometimes play it out on occasion as I still feel it’s a belter.

But hey, what should we play together on Friday? Anything you would like me to showcase?

T&W: You would make us really happy if you bring some unreleased sketches and loops. We are going to have quite a few unreleased ones so it could be really fun to mess around with new stuff. It's a rare occasion, so let's do it in a unique way!

What should we wear on Friday? Anything you would like us to showcase?

KK: Er... I’m excited to hear 'Copa' on the system... maybe... maybe we could wear matching lycra suits?


Friday 2nd October

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