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Max Chapman and George Smeddles talk Resonance

We’re prepping for an intimate showcase at Forms this Friday as Swing take over. Formed by Max Chapman and Georgie Marshall, Swing has built a reputation for championing catchy tech house sounds, throwing sell-out Sunday events to a loyal following in and around Colchester.

For their first Farringdon venture, the pair have invited a range of established and upcoming talents, with George Smeddles and Leftwing & Kody set to join Davide Squillace in Room One. With close affiliates Chapman and Smeddles both lined up to join us this weekend, we contacted them to talk Ibiza, tour plans and their label, Resonance.

How did the two of you meet?

Smeddles: We met in Ibiza, I was there for the season and we had never actually met before, so I approached Max to say thanks after he signed the first track I had produced. After 1 or 10 after parties, some nights out and a few studio sessions, we started running Resonance together.

Chapman: I signed one of George’s records to my label back in 2014 – we’d never met, but then I bumped into him in Ibiza and we just fell in love. I guess the rest is history, as they say.

Is there anything you recall about your first impressions of one another?

Smeddles: Short and quiet. Joking, literally everyone loves Max. He’s out to help anyone he can and he buzzes off seeing other people around him doing well; it’s rare you meet such genuine people in this industry, so I’m lucky to have him as a partner.

Chapman: George seemed like a genuine, sound guy – we went to a few after parties and then spent some time in the studio together, by then he was one of my best mates and I knew he was the right person to help me run Resonance.

How does it feel now working in the studio together? Do you see yourselves collaborating more in the future?

Smeddles: Of course! We just did a remix for Ki Creighton, also a track coming out on Danny Howard’s NEM Label, and probably another 5 or 6 finished collabs. Also a huge edit which we can’t talk about yet – it should be coming in 2019.

Chapman: Absolutely, we’ll always collaborate – we’ve got loads planned. It just works when we’re both in the studio, I normally get the hump when people try and tell me what to do but he gives good advice and nine times out of ten what he says is correct.

Would you say you have an influence on one another on a musical level?

Smeddles: 100%. We both have similar but different sounds if that makes sense, but they really work well together. We’re always trying out new things and always try to change it up by finding new styles.

Chapman: Definitely, it’s always good to bounce ideas and learn from each other.

Can you let us know any more plans coming up for Resonance?

Smeddles: Well our last 3 releases have all charted high with 2 top 10s and a total of 7 tracks hitting the top 100 in the tech-house chart. So, things are moving exactly how we want them right now. We have lots of new ideas, a stack of major releases coming out before the end of the year, and we want to keep things moving in the same direction.

Chapman: There’s loads on – I’ve just released a collab from myself with Georgie Marshall who runs Swing with me, and in a couple of weeks we’ve got an EP from Iglesius and a Mason Collective remix, then later in the year there’s an EP from a new talent and Swing resident, Samza.

What are you up to through the rest of the year?

Smeddles: Well I’ve just signed on with Kaluki management and have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, including some really cool gigs: Creamfields, ABODE in the Park, Junction 13 festival, and of course my first time at fabric.

Chapman: Hanging out in airports it feels like! I’ve had an amazing summer in Ibiza with gigs at Paradise, Elrow, Abode, Solardo Sessions and Cuckoo Land, and still have a few more shows to do out there before the season ends. I’m in Chile and Peru in September, BPM Festival in Portugal for Kaluki, ABODE in the Park, plus dates in North America – keep an eye on my socials for the full list!

You’ve had a huge amount of success so far, but it sounds like you’re only getting started. What are your aspirations for the future?

Smeddles: Carry on making loads of music, and play as many places around the world as I can. I would love to get a big residency in Ibiza in the future as I love that place so much! But, right now I just have to focus on getting my sound out there as much as possible.

Chapman: I just want to continue to develop as an artist, keep hitting these amazing shows and continue to make sure my music is moving forwards. So much has happened in the last 18 months which I could have only dreamed about five years ago, so it’s now time to knuckle down and treat this as a career, that’s the only way you can reach the top in this game.

Can you talk about Swing, and the line-up you’ve brought together for this weekend?

Chapman: I started Swing about 18 months ago. Where I live in Colchester, there was a massive gap in the market for a decent DJ-led regular event. Along with a group of my good mates, we started Swing Sundays, which has massively taken off. The response to every event has been amazing, and we’ve been able to put some incredible line-ups together for it. For the night at fabric, I’m really excited that we’ve got Davide Squillace headlining – he’s a proper legend. Aside from that, it’s basically all of our mates. There’s a real family feel to Swing events and we tried to reflect this in the fabric line-up.

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