In The Company of... Stacey Pullen

“Playing in room 1 right after my fabric 14 release, the crowd was ready and I gave it to them.” These are the words of Detroit legend, Stacey Pullen after we asked what his favourite memory of playing at fabric was… As bigger moment as it was for him as it was for us, we are over the moon to welcome Stacey, a DJ who was mentored by Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, back into our hallowed walls to celebrate our very special eleventh birthday this weekend….

As the techno stalwart looks forward to the irresistible groove of Ricardo, Damian, Clive and DOP, we find out who he would personally like to invite up to the decks with him this weekend, as well as the top five records he wants to hear on fabrics body shaking soundsytem. All of this, as well as a brand new upcoming release on Black Flag Recordings, called ‘Get Up.’

Away from music, Stacey also let’s slip that the Tate Modern is the place to be these days….

What were your thoughts when you got the invite to our 11th birthday party this weekend?
It was great to play during the early part of the evening; I got a chance to listen to other DJ's that I would not have heard.

What are your greatest memories of playing at fabric..?
Playing in room 1 right after my fabric 14 release, the crowd was ready and I gave it to them.

Which of the birthday artists are you most looking forward to partying with? Whose dancefloor groove can you not resist…?
Ricardo and Damian & Clive, dOP...

If you could invite one of the artists featured on the birthday line-up to the decks with you who would it be and how would this make a special night…
I don't wanna seem like I'm jocking Ricardo but he was at one of my most memorable gigs in Arica, Chile in 1994 so we go back a looonngg
way. He even said to me when I last saw him that we need to see and play more together…

What are your top 5 records you would love to hear on the fabric soundsystem this weekend? A Detroit tribute record would be a bonus also…

'Cubism' by Davide Squilace

'Blackwater' by Octave One

'I Don't need a cure for this' (Kenny Larkin remix) by RadioSlave

Anything by Johnny D and my new track 'Get Up.'

What can music fans expect from you during our 30 hour party hour jam?
Giving them quality interesting music from a Detroit perspective.

How do you still surprise and engage the listener?
By surprising myself...

The last time we spoke with you was in the build up for the legendary D25 tour.. What were your highlights from the landmark music event and how has the rest of this year treated you?
Highlights were the D25 party in Barcelona with myself Carl & Moodyman and Moodyman dropping 'Come Together' by The Beatles and everyone was singing along.

I’ve played the Vagabundos gig in Ibiza with Mirko Loko & Luciano, playing alongside Loco Dice, and the Desolat crew and Paco Osuna.
Very busy so far this year with more to come…

Tell us about the recent work you have done for your label, Black Flag Recordings and any upcoming releases you have?
I release my single 'Alive' and my new single 'Get Up' will be released in about a month. New track by me coming in the early part of
next year and a single by my artist Phil Agosta.

We’re big on the fancy dress theme for fabric’s birthday this year.. Would you be game for getting involved?
I dressed up for the Vagabundos party in Ibiza so yes I would do it, what the hell! Why? Because most of the DJ’ss from Detroit won't do it.

Finally what do you enjoy most about visiting London and what’s your favourite thing to do in the city….?
Coming and feeling the city's vibe and for the street fashion. My favourite thing to do is going to the Tate Modern.

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