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Quite possibly THE nicest bloke in the biz; David Wolstencroft aka Trus'me has garnered much respect from all areas of the musical field since the ultra mega 'Nards' got massive airplay, and equal amounts of love, from the likes of Gilles Peterson and Benji B. For as much as Trus'me is a lover of the good times and a globe trotting party starter, he is also a man with a strong business savvy. Having juggled a business degree and MA with a nighttime course in sound recording, this vault of knowledge got thrown into the melting pot and now David Wolstencroft stands tall with not one, but two carefully structured and very successful music brands: Prime Numbers and D3K (Disco 3000).

If one good thing came from the Iceland incident the other week, and rather selfishly on our part, it was that the Manchunian had to cancel his overseas slots and find other ways to fill his heavy schedule; like answering a few questions for us and whipping up a sweet mix for the heads.

Download: Trus'Me - PPP April 2010

Firstly, please introduce yourself.
Some of you may know me for producing long players such as 'Working Night$' and 'In The Red,' or for four-on-the-floor club tracks such as 'W.A.R Dub.' Although producing is not the only string to my bow, DJing is my first love and what internationally I'm recognised for most. Prime Numbers is a record label I began in 2007, which has slowly grown in strength, concentrating on Quality over Quantity. PN has been supporting mainly UK artists, who choose to think differently in these modern times of electronic music. The label is an open book - literally if the music is good, regardless of current trends, it will supported by myself and the Prime Numbers family. It doesn't stop there though, D3K is both an events company and an agency I run with fellow like minded friends. D3K, short for Disco 3000, is a melting pot for like-minded individuals to think differently and open their minds to music of all genres. If the music is good, forward in its approach, but still remains deep in the past, then you’re sure to hear it played in one of my sets, as well as any D3K event.

How did the name Trus’ Me come about?
We all use it day to day in the English speaking world. Trus'me is an abbreviation of course from the saying 'Trust in me.' A positive tick we all use at the end of a sentence to drive home that you need to believe this, it's the truth. I guess what I'm trying to ask the public is to trust in what I do. What ever I do it comes from straight from my heart, I only support, produce, releases or play music I truly believe in.

Due to the style of music you produce and your infamous decade-jumping DJ sets, would you consider yourself a nostalgic?
Not at all - my slogan is to embrace the Past, Present and the Phuture. I use this in everything I do, whether it's organising a festival line up, producing an LP or compiling a DJ set. You have to show where the music derived from, where we are now and what we should be looking for musically in the future. I believe that's my role or job per se, and I take pride in what I do.

For those who don’t know, can you please explain the difference in what you do with Prime Numbers and D3K?
Prime Numbers is a platform to support producers and musicians that I love musically and perhaps don't get the break or support they deserve. My role is not only to release music from the likes of Linkwood, Fudge Fingas etc, but also to brand, market and push their music through the right channels. Essentially D3K is a framework that acts as a big sister, providing a platform for my artists and similar acts to play across the world. Not only do we organise a festival once a year, but we coordinate both live and DJ events in Japan, Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada and Mainland Europe not forgetting our regular shindig here at Fabric.

Will there be another D3K festival?
We are in talks with a new location, which we'll be announcing in the forthcoming months to take place on September 17th-19th 2010. The new location has everything we were looking for to host the next addition. More details coming soon please check to keep updated.

Prime Numbers is a label that primarily focuses on signing UK artists. What UK talent is grabbing your attention?
I always have an eye on our fellow label Modern Love, which predominately pushes UK acts too. There has been some great releases from that camp of late. My friends at Firecracker have a great line up for the rest of the year, and there are various UK acts releasing with Rush Hour recordings, which always floats my boat. There is a wealth of talent in the UK, it's just pushing them to release that the UK we do it more for the love than the biz.

How is the scene in Manchester these days?
It's lively and imaginative. There is always some new group that comes out of nowhere trying to do their thing, pushing some new sound you've never heard. There is always some new fresh spot or warehouse party and new scene that I'm put onto when I arrive back from my travels. There is still the old faithful nights that just keep going on and on. I'd much prefer to live in a city where you have to fight to be heard over competition, rather than a city where you having to fight to create an actual scene.

What’s on the horizon for Prime Numbers?
We have so many weapons, as I like to call them, on the back burner right now, that's I'm finding it hard to be patient. Linkwood has some killer 12"s coming - I mean healthy, healthy stuff. Fudge Fingas has a Long Player which I'm truly excited about, along with new acts Nick Sinna and Shoe Box...not forgetting a new LP from myself, 'Dark Light,' which I'm working intensely on right now.

You've been working hard on a new album then?
Yep - day and night, while I have this small window of not being in a hotel somewhere in the world sleeping. This LP 'Dark Light' is me taking a break from the traditional mixed compilation of tracks I usually put on an LP and focusing more on my DJ style, during a peak time set. So expect a more stripped down approach to the Long Player, which is essentially a gathering of 12's ready for the club. There will be the usual guest vocal appearances, this time focusing on my friends from New York.

Do you feel it is important for artists and DJ to be in touch with their roots?
Depends what their roots are? If it's country and your making Techno, then I don't really see the link there. Personally I think the experiences you encounter through life shape who you are. Yes I live in Manchester and that played heavily on who I am today, both musically and as a person. Although the more I travel, the more music scenes I encounter and my palette inevitable shifts and changes.

With so many genres and musical styles crossing bridges nowadays, do you find, for example, that a lot of hip-hop heads are getting into your style of music?
This is something I have always been aware of, as I'm a music lover my taste spans from Hip Hop to rock. So when producing I try to incorporate elements of my taste in the final product. I've made quite a bit of Hip Hop in my time and it's essentially where I started when collecting records. After Hip Hop you fall into jazz and soul during your hunt for samples; from there, you start to learn about Disco, House and finally Techno. It's a natural progression that I believe most diggers go through, which is lost in this modern digital world we live in today. People are so quick to skip a genre on first listen instead of finding out the true core, exhausting it then moving on. For me this is the only way to truly build your musical palette.

You played at our last On & On…& On back in March. How was that, and what can we expect from your set at the next On & On…& On?
Epic 3 days non stop, what can you expect but carnage ha ha...great music and fun times. Really looking forward to this one, what a great line up. Musically you can expect what you hear in the mix I provided, deep n' raw from house to techno, just the way I like it.

If you could meet one personal all-time hero, who would it be? And what would you talk about?
It would be Marvin Gaye and I wouldn't say a word...apart from please just tell me everything you know about what makes you the most talented soulful person to grace this earth.

Finally, you seem like such a happy chap all the time. How do you stay positive?
I'm doing the four things I love most in my life: music, traveling, meeting great new friends and I'll let the reader fill in the fourth.

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