In The Company Of...Nina Kraviz

Siberian born singer and DJ Nina Kraviz first caught our eye with the killer groove ‘Pain In The Ass’ on Radioslave’s fabric48 album back in 2009. Since then, Nina has been carving out refreshing sound signatures underpinned by emotive and textured spoken word with a nod to the classic sounds of Detroit and Chicago. Creating a buzz on labels such as Jus Ed's Underground Quality and Efdemin's vinyl-only label, her most recent release ‘I’m Week’ on Rekids has received huge underground support for its twist on ‘heartbreak house.’ Not afraid to grab hold the mic, Nina’s ethereal voice entrances the thumping 4/4 beat, making every groove distinctly her own. Ahead of her performance alongside Terry Francis in Room Three this weekend we went on a quest to find out what the imaginative spinstress goes weak for. A play on words if you will…

Food: Simple yet high quality food, basically everything fresh and grown with love, Russian food! I have an especially soft spot for chicken soup. My day is not complete if I don't get my soup. Ahh! I almost forgot my ultimate food weakness - chocolate cake.

Drink: Apfelschorle – a typical German drink: half apple juice and half sparkling water.

City: I am a Moscovite. I enjoy my daily struggle with my lovely Moscow. My other love is Italy, if you have ever been to Florence, Venice, Rome or any other Italian city you will totally agree with me. Some people (even Italians) say "it's fucked up" but don’t believe it - they’re lying. It’s one of the greatest countries on the planet. I’m also secretly crazy about Japan but I never say that in public because it's so obvious that it's a dope country that you don't need to say it out loud. Once it's spoken it almost sounds like the epitome of banality - like moving to Berlin. Everyone on earth loves Japan. Almost everyone wants to move to Berlin.

Film: l Deserto dei Tartari (The desert of the tartars) by Valerio Zurlini. Simply amazing.

Studio Equipment: Analog synthesizers with knobs and keys. I like touching knobs in real time, recording live and seeing what happens. Last time I was in a knob-tweaking mood was just yesterday looking for the right bass for my new song. Brand wise, the usual suspects – Moog, Dave Smith, Veroma, Roland, Yamaha and Korg.

Fashion: Maison Martin Margiela

Art: Art Deco, Soviet Constructivism

Record label: Apart from the ones I’m signed to it’s got to be Honest Jon, Tectonic, FHXE, Novel Sound, Strength
Music, Relief, and my all time favourite, my pain, my tears- Dance Mania.

Producers: Gerald McDonald aka Heinrich Muller aka Dopplereffect aka (there are so many aka’s that I prefer
to stop going ahead with it) ,especially his project with Mr. Stinson Drexiya. Then there’s Arthur Russel, DBX, Robert Hood, Shackleton, Aphex Twin, Omar S, DJ Qu, Fred P and Levon Vincent.

Song: Mans Friday-Winners (Larry Levan Demo Mix)

Nina Kraviz is in our disco this weekend, grab the last few tickets here.

Saturday 12th March

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