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Dave Huismans has kept his pedigree for minimal Detroit styled dancefloor heaters high over the last year. Releasing music under both the 2562 moniker and as A Made Up Sound his productions push dubstep in a new more stripped down techno direction and his debut full length album under the numerical moniker, ‘Aerial, ‘was released last year on Pinch’s Tectonic imprint to huge critical acclaim. Fusing cold hearted synthesizers with hypnotic drum workouts it was undoubtedly the dubstep album of 2008 with several lead singles selling out on 12”… so we caught up with Huismans pre his Nothing Special appearance in March, to ask him a few questions.

After the release of your debut full length ‘Aerial’ how have things changed for you? Are you playing numerous far-reaching places? Getting recognised in the street by a wave of hooded fanboys?

2562: Only by hooded homegirls so far ;) But yeah, I’ve been playing out a lot lately, actually I just got back from a 4 week tour in the USA and Canada which was great fun. Other recent highlights were trips to Japan and Moscow + Siberia.

Also - your album release as ‘A Made Up Sound’ snuck itself out with the minimum amount of fuss. Can you shed a little light on the project for those who may not know so much as us avid followers?

It’s a collection of short, experimental sketches I made four years ago in one month’s time, one little electronic track almost every evening after my day job. It was about generating ideas fast and not looking back, just having fun sketching really. As I’m still happy with the results, I decided to release them after all. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it; it’s just nice to make the music available to those who are interested.

It’s been said a lot that your music transcends genres and fuses the dubstep sound with a bevy of techno/Basic Channel type influences. Can you explain to people who may have no idea of your music what you try to incorporate in your music? Why do think it sounds the way it does?

I don’t know man, I’ve found speaking about my music is a bit of a pain because it forces me to think of subjects I normally do not think about myself, categorizing etcetera… often the next day I already disagree with my own ramblings in interviews. All I can say is that my roots are in 90’s techno and house, I like sub bass and I try to make music that is different from what’s already there. I just sit down and play around with a couple of sounds until I feel it’s something that’s me and I’m digging it myself.

What dubplate is littering all of your current sets? Which producers can’t you leave alone?

Untold – ‘Just For You,’ a true rave killer! I’ve been battering it since I got it. Also a new 2562 tune called ‘Third Wave’ and a new A Made Up Sound track called ‘Rework.’ Next to my own productions I always enjoy dropping some Martyn, Shed, Headhunter and Peverelist, among others.

What’s coming up this year for you?

There will be a new 2562 12” before summer, as well as an A Made Up Sound remix for Jason Fine on Kontra Musik. I may look into starting an A Made Up Sound label as well for my techno and house, but that would be later. Other than that: just writing new music. I’m never in a hurry to get more releases out there, that’s not what it is about for me.

What do you look forward to when you’re coming over to play London?

The playing itself, standard :) Last couple of times I played at fabric have been really nice and I’ve got quite a few new things in the bag, so I’m looking forward to give those a spin on the room 1 soundsystem.

You got any must see places/things to do while in London that you could recommend to our foreign visitors?

I guess I don’t know much more about London than any other visitor, but I usually try to go to Soho and check out the music stores there. It’s so much nicer than internet-digging, convenient as it may be… Support the indie labels and stores, buy records! (Those black discs with a hole!)

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