10 (Or So) Texts With Slimzee

To paraphrase an earlier blog post we published back in April of 2011: renowned is a bigger word than you’d necessarily think. Supple in its syllable pattern, it means that people already know about you; and it states that your reputation precedes you wherever you tread. Renowned is also a word that rings true as the perfect description of DJ Slimzee - aka one of the founding members of the Pay As You Go cartel, the crew that gave the world emcees like Wiley, Target, Flo Dan and Riko and introduced players like Rinse FM boss Geeneus - a man with an absolutely obscene amount of dubplates (or specials, or otherwise unheard versions of vocal tunes or instrumentals).

Long proclaimed as “grime's best DJ” - a title that probably in part stems from the wealth of exclusive material in his arsenal as well as his speed and slick transitional style - Slimzee made a bout of appearances around the time of our last post, including playing at Rinse’s takeover here and at Jackmaster’s FABRICLIVE 57 launch party up at Numbers in Glasgow (which is where the picture above was taken, hence Jack enjoying himself in the background there). Well, Slimzee is coming back to Farringdon this Friday, to perform in Room Three for Urban Nerds alongside Marcus Nasty and Local Action’s T.Williams, and after trying for a while to twist his arm for some kind of feature, he agreed to an interview – something that’s been a notoriously hard task in the past.

There were however a couple of provisos which you can probably guess from the format of the following interview. Please do forgive any rushed grammar or absent words...

Slimzee plays Room Three this Friday.

Friday 20th January

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