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Cesare Marchese aka Cesare Vs Disorder is recognised as one of the driving forces behind the deep minimal techno scene in London. Like many musical protégés in the house and techno game, the sonic vision of this Italian-born luminary first came from a classical music background which since transcended to a life on the rhythmic wheel, spinning broken beats, techno grooves, moving from modal to mountain melodies. Since hitting London’s clubland in 2002, Cesare Vs Disorder has gone on to perform alongside artists like Craig Richards, Lee Burridge, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle and Damian Lazarus. He also runs and releases on his own label, Mean, EssentialReload, Serialism Records.

We caught up with the music maestro to find out why his three music labels are finally getting the attention they deserve, some big plans for not one but possibly two albums next year and why Craig Richards inspired him most as a clubber.

You can also check out his latest mix here. It has a solid tracklist that is catchy, audacious and captures some of the biggest artists of today. Like Cesare says himself, ‘expect the unexpected’ as we prepare for his performance in Room Three this weekend.

What have you been up to recently?
I've been travellin' like a madman and asking myself a lot of questions. Hectic life between computers, airports, clubs and hotels. I’ve been also producing music when I've had the chance to stop in a studio..and..running my labels in the meanwhile. All together a little stressful, but great.

Who do you make a conscious effort to check out in London from individual DJ sets to the wide mix of club nights hitting the circuit?
It is a kind of ritual, for me to check out some of my favourite artists playing in Fabric when I am in London. I usually go with my big crew and enjoy the sets of Ricardo, Bruno, Zip, Cassy, Audion, Craig Richards. Sometimes I find myself also at Lo*Kee, a very cool underground party that's going on at the moment. For the is difficult, I spend my free time in a club in London, unless it is a special occasion, a friend playing somewhere or an unusual situation where I got caught.

Do you have an overall philosophy behind your DJ persona? What are you trying to communicate to the crowd as an artist?
Not really, but I’m always trying to be true to myself. I want to communicate what I really like to the crowd, trying to spread the sound through a wide range of emotions rather then going the simple way to get connected to the public.

Do you think that your background and love for classical music affects your music today?
Yes, my musical background definitely affects my sound today..and I think it does come through into my productions and my sets..its a mix of dub, jazz, techno, electronica, hip hop, disco, funk, house, broken beats, rock and pop. Classical music has been a good way to start and to understand music. Studying it from a young age has helped me to achieve a good structure when composing my music and now it all comes quite naturally.

Aside from your moniker, Cesare Vs Disorder, you have also adopted two very colourful pseudonyms Queen Atom or Sire Cactus. Can you explain how you came to have three very unique titles when most DJs have one?
Why only have one name if I'm allowed to have more!

You juggle running three labels, Mean, EssentialReload, Serialism Records. What is the mantra behind them and how do you manage to keep connected to new customers and fans?
Nowadays I’m running the labels with some collaborators, some of them being friends since nearly a decade now..Rudolf, Zippy, Canary Fontaine..with some more people from the rest of the team they help me with the process of production/releases, pr, bookings, A&R, etc.

Mean is a project that was born long after EssentialReload which was conceived more as an Art platform at many levels long before. I’ve founded Mean in 2005 to explore one side of the main project, the experimentation through sound. The label quickly developed a very peculiar sound as me and partner Rudolf weren't really thinking about the market, coming up with the weirdest psychedelic sonorities. Since we weren’t feeling confident enough yet to send our productions to other labels, we decided to start our own one.

Serialism was born a couple of years later with the idea of doing a label that would still play with the boundaries of electronic music, but more oriented towards the dance floor. Since then we've spread the word through parties, releases, showcases, a lot of online promotion and of course testing our music in the clubs around the world.

The labels are finally getting the attention they deserve after hard work and patience, we recently released edits of Inxec and Sweet N Candy and are waiting to release more from Kate Simko and Cabanne on Mean. Seuil, Ahmet Sisman, Mark Henning, Pherox will be part of the forthcoming Serialism releases alongside our favourite talents from the family.

Tell us about your mix. It has a very solid tracklist that deserves credit. Talk us through its creation?

I guess I could say I've really enjoyed doing the set. Although I had to do it 2 times as my laptop crashed just after I had finished recording the set the first time..and lost everything :(

Luckily I managed to get the selection again ..yes, it is a solid is a mixture of styles, but all connected well through the timeline. I’ve also used this opportunity to showcase some of our homies, like the Ahmet Sisman’s rmx on my next ep on Serialism as Queen Atom, the rmx of Kate Simko of "Battle of mouths" by my very good friend Rainer on Mean, the beautiful Easy Changes’ tune around the end, also freshly squeezed on Mean, and my brother's Rudolf tune remixed by Daze Maxim on Nervmusic from Moscow..and of course a tune of mine. I always like to listen to my sound in the middle of a big tracklist like this.

For the rest, yes, a mix of trippy elegant techno, house, disco, minimal all linked by a funky and deep/soulfull vibe behind..The mountain people, Cassy, Jose James-Moodymann, Jens Zimmermann, Soulphiction, Dop, Gregorythme, Seth Troxler & Inxec, Onur Ozer, Dario Zenker, Mikael Stavostrand..all solid pieces coming from amazing artists.

For those coming to see you at fabric this weekend can you descibe the main elements that you include in your performance style?
Expect the unexpected.

Your style flaunts a dark, bouncy mode of techno. Do you ever feel obliged to keep waving the techno banner as the genres popularity faces increased debate this year?
I don't like waving banners might be true that techno popularity is being debated, as house is back in fashion, but good music will never die.. I consider myself very open minded in what I play and my love of music doesn't stop at the borders of Techno. I like any genre that stirs emotion.

You’ve played alongside Craig Richards, Lee Burridge, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle and Damian Lazarus to name but a few. Who has been a personal highlight for you?
From the ones above I would say Craig Richards..they are all great djs/artist but the one that has inspired me the most as a clubber, attending Fabric was Craig. He plays the weirdest grooviest deepest sets especially when closing.

What projects do you have in the pipeline at the moment? Any plans for a debut artist album in the future?
At the moment I’m finishing an EP for my label Serialism as Queen Atom, that will be out in mid December along with rmxs of Seuil and Ahmet Sisman. With an EP to be released in 2 weeks on Munich based label Stock5. Some rmxs here and debut album due in the spring of next year as Cesare vs Disorder. Me and Jeremy Caulfield are also talking about the possibility for an album on my dearest Dumb Unit as Queen Atom next year. Of course all this meanwhile travelling. I'm going on tour in Australia next week, then Portugal, Italy before touring again the USA and Latin America.

What’s your best memory from fabric, on and away from the booth?
Me and my soul mate in the dj booth of room one, five years ago, next to Ricardo playing the best set I’ve ever heard.

Where’s your favourite place to chill out and grab a bevvy in London away from the darkness of a nightclub?
Not much time lately to chill out in the city, as my weekdays are full of work in studio. When I have some time for myself I love to hang out with my friends, have nice dinners, try to see some exhibitions and to watch a nice movie at home.

Download: Cesare Vs Disorder - fabric Promo Mix


1 Roads_Tiefschwarz_Souvenir music
2 Coka Zero_Queen Atom_Ahmet Sisman remix_Serialism
3 dh_The mountain people_mountain people
4 Wan Poku Moro_2000 and one_Onur Ozer Remix_100% pure
5 Star Ballad_Cesare vs Disorder
6 I'm human now_James Teej_Cassy Remix_Le bien et le mail rec.
7 And it was_Seth Troxler & Inxec
8 Propaganda Americaine_Dop_Stock5
9 Get the point_Soulphiction_Philpot
10 Join the army with me_Rudolf_Daze Maxim rmx_Nervmusic
11 Battle of mouths_Rainer_Kate Simko rmx_Mean
12 BND2_Andomat 3000_fourt:wenty rec.
13 Orange food_DS_Jens Zimmermann Aditional Vitamin c rmx_Snork Enterprises
14 At the bottom_mikael stavostrand_gs zurich
16 Down Then There_Dario Zenker_Esperanza
17 Venedikt reyf_heroes feat. suzi q
18 Foroyskur Dansur_Easy Changes_Mean
19 Desire_Jose James_Moodymann Remix_Brownswood rec

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