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Netherlands-based duo Mark McCann and Bart van Dijk, AKA June Miller, have been catching a lot of people’s attention of late. The remarkable depth and diversity to their sound has been a breath of fresh air for many and has seen them win fans across the music spectrum. While taking their cue predominantly from drum & bass, the duo eschew genre or scene restrictions, making forward-thinking and emotive electronic music at a range of tempos. Combining a deft melodic touch, rhythmic ingenuity and some serious low-end business, their tracks have lasting impact both at home and in a club.

With releases already out on esteemed labels like Horizons, Broken Audio and Inneractive, and with a slew of forthcoming releases scheduled on Deep Soul Music and Renegade Hardware amongst others, 2010 is set to be a very busy year for them! We got a few quick questions in at them to get the lowdown on their outlook ahead of their performance in Room Two this Friday.

They have also been kind enough to put together a mix for us - which you can download after the jump - with a host of tracks from the likes of Breakage, Data and Sabre, as well as a host of their own material.

How are you guys doing? What are you up to at the moment?
Pretty well thanks! We’ve just been trying to finish some new music and been playing quite a lot over the last few months. We just came back from a few amazing days in Poland and Lithuania with Anile, which was quite an eye-opener. It was kind of a strange experience because we got an amazing reception and people really knew the music, which wasn’t the first thing we expected.

Music wise we just finished our 12” with Anile on Deep Soul Music and we are just writing an EP for Horizons music. You can check out some tunes on our soundcloud:

For those reading this who don’t know, who are June Miller and what are they about?
June Miller is just about two people who like having fun with music really, it doesn’t matter what music or how. It’s just a projection of who we are as people I guess.

Your musical background is not particularly in electronic music; what music were you into growing up?
You have no clue how much I (Mark) hated the early jungle movements around 1995 but to be honest I was stuck in my little rebellious bubble of hardcore punk. Nothing else mattered really, everyone else was wrong and I thought it was the only thing that mattered haha. It only happened when I moved to Holland and Bart took me along to a drum and bass night in Utrecht. It definitely had so many connections with the music I grew up with and it felt just right being there, it was like there was some kind of instant connection.

What is the drum & bass scene like in Utrecht?
It’s pretty healthy really, Black Sun Empire’s night Blackout is a must if visiting. They do a monthly night at the Tivoli with a really broad spectrum of vibes and sounds. Dubstep is looking really well too. The guys in Utrecht are doing some of the best dubstep parties I’ve been too and the nights in a theatre called ‘de Kikker’ are amazing, there is always a really cosy and spacey atmosphere to the place.Woden floors, good system and cinema style seating behind the dance floor gives the place a real unique feel.

How did you get into drum and bass and the world of production/DJing?
It all came about by luck really, as I mentioned before about going to a party in Utrecht. It was a natural progression to try and write some stuff and see where it took us.

Have you always worked as a duo?
Yeah pretty much. Back in the days of playing in bands Bart did his own thing with his band and I did my own thing with organizing tours and a hardcore punk record label I ran. We have always worked as a team with writing electronic music but often work on our own, throwing ideas down, digging out samples etc..

Not confining your music to any one scene, how would you describe your sound? Is there anything that ties together every track that you make?
We always find this a really hard question to answer because we find one type of sound can get slightly boring to the ear and trying to re-invent yourself is so important. A lot of different aspects of life inspire us from music to feelings and the rest all over again.

What have you got coming up for June Miller in the next couple of months?
We have quite a few gigs planned for the summer plus we are doing a lot of shows with Anile. We are just organising a string of shows in Eastern Europe. To be brutally honest the next few months look a little grim. Our Mac just broke down and it is way beyond repair. We lost quite a bit of work and the heart breaking thing for us is that we might actually not be able to get a new one for a good few months. It means we’ll have to occupy our time doing some other bits and probably loads of collabs, so it’s all not all that bad.

What other music is exciting you at the moment?
Mike Sheridan is unreal, his album has blown us away, the guy is crazy; if you haven’t heard it check it! Quite a lot of soundtracks have caught my attention. I really like the District 9 Soundtrack, it’s so well put together. Also been listening to Iron & Wine the last few weeks, it’s been a while but every time I go back for a listen it’s like I’m discovering them all over again.

Are you looking forward to your set at Fabric?
Very much so! Always wanted to be part of Fabric and the line up on the night is going to be so much fun. We’ll be running from room to room trying to catch as much as we can.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix that you have put together for us?
We tried to fit in what we really like at the moment and it is quite hard fitting everything in, just because of the amount of really amazing music flying around at the moment. It’s something that we would play out and hopefully it keeps your ears alert at all times. Thank you to all the really talented artists featured, you guys rock!

Download: June Miller - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


1. Sabre & Alix Perez - Javelin [Critical]
2. Phace - My Arae [Neosignal]
3. Sabre - A Wandering Journal (Rockwell RMX) [Critical]
>> Dan Harbarnam – Rendering the Garlic Boy [Cylon]
4. Sabre – Peril (Stray RMX) [Critical]
>> Rockwell – Tribes [Critical]
5. FD, Hydro & Keza - Remorse [Critical]
6. CJ Weaver - 6,000 Degrees [Subtle Audio]
7. Flatliners - Twisted Dreams [Break-fast Audio]
8. Stray - Saturday [Critical]
9. Data - Burning Paradise [Blackout]
10. June Miller - Nine [Inside]
11. Furi Anga - Spark and Flame [Shady Brain]
12. Breakage ft Kemo - Temper [Digital Soundboy]
13. Loxy, Ink & Genotype - Yellow Eyed Demon [Cylon]
14. Myrkur & M3t4 - Grains (June Miller RMX)
15. Mode - Overtures [?]
16. Spherique - Snowflakes Catcher [?]
17. Scuba - Tense (Ramadanman RMX) [Offshore]
18. Anile - Lessons to Become [Deep Soul Music]
19. June Miller - Neurosis [Horizons]

You can catch June Miller in Room Two this Friday alongside Andy C, Fabio, Storm, Nympho and Macpherson while Dub Police hosting Room One with the likes of Skream, Benga and David Rodigan, and the Hessle Audio crew take over Room Three with special guest Ikonika.

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