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Kyle Hall & Exclusive Mix

Kyle Hall is currently sending mad vibrations through the scope of quality new house music. Having already released a record on Omar-S’ FXHE label at the staggering age of 16, he has more recently remixed Darkstar’s somewhat seminal ‘Aidys Girl Is A Computer’ track on Hyperdub. He is currently working hard on his own imprint ‘Wild Oats,’ on which you can hear him lay down deep, twisted Detroit grooves injected with funktastic, Dilla’esque beats and shuffles. With mentors and teachers such as Theo Parrish and Mike Huckaby, the future is looking very bright for the young prodigy as he prepares to take the reins for Detroit’s new school house legacy.

We caught up with him ahead of his debut set in Room Three - where he'll be appearing alongside Jus Ed and DJ Qu - and he took the liberty of dropping us an exclusive promo mix, which you, oh faithful readership, can download from our juicily stacked soundcloud account here:

Download: Kyle Hall - EXCLUSIVE fabric Blog Mix

What did you do today? Take us briefly through a typical ‘Kyle Hall’ day…
Well today honestly I was bit under the weather. Normally my day consist of me waking up at 11am and checking emails. Then I make some music, maybe hop on Facebook, then call up some friends and go hang with them downtown. Get some junk food. Crash out. Then I’ll go to a party later that night or play a show. Go home. That gives you an idea but sometimes I have mellowed days or days where I just do work.

What music are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I'm working on remixes for a few artists. I just finished a remix for Planet E and Warp. Also working on some hip hop joints.

When did you start being drawn towards electronic music? You grew up in Detroit, so was it always in your life?
I started getting into electronic music pretty early. Amongst my generation it's not really popular so I just inquired on my own. Plus some help from some local cats who I bothered.

You’re only 18 and are already becoming an established part of the new Detroit sound. Did you ever have to choose between music and school, or did you balance both?
After high school I chose between college and music. Obviously I chose music. But in high school, music production was part of my curriculum so it wasn't hard to balance

What was the first record you ever bought? And what was the last one you bought?
That's pretty tough I bought so many records when I got started. Probably was some Chicago house record I got from the used bins at my local record shop. The last one I bought was the ‘Ghostbusters’ soundtrack, I think it had Bobby Brown on it. Pretty dope record.

Who/what are your biggest inspirations musically? What about outside of music?
My biggest inspirations musically change depending on where my head is. Last month it was Gucci Mane and OJ the Juice Man. Then it might be a Drexciya record. I don't know I like just listening to different crap. Outside of music, maybe my Dad. Or my wonderful booking agent.

What album/LP would you play to a chick if you were trying to seal the deal?
Hmmm....Simon Grey ‘The Galactic Suite’. That shit is so smooth. Probably some smooth groovy deep house joints if I'm trying to get layed. Some Sade or some shit might work. The Domu remix of ‘The Galactic Suite’ is sweet, just work the EQ on that shit, hoes be wet for days. That's for pulling girls off the floor into your bed son.

We know you’ve been touring a lot over the last year, especially in Europe…how have your dates been going so far?
They been cool. Super awesome fun fun actually. I get to meet so many people. It's mostly good times.

As a DJ, how do you go about a set? Do your sets portray your mood to some extent?
When I play I think sex.

What DJs/producers are killing it for you at the minute? Who do you reckon is going to blow up this year?
Omar-S is killin. TMB is killin. Carl Craig is killin. Joe Clausell is killin with that box set. Marcellous Pittman is killin. Floating Points is killin. I don’t know who's going to blow up this year...wink wink.

How have people like Omar-S, Theo Parrish and Mike Huckaby helped you develop musically?
Omar-S put me in the music game official fo’show. Theo always challenged and encouraged me and my thinking. Mike taught me some important things about the electronic music world. All of them have in some way contributed to my musical development.

Are you looking forward to playing at fabric? What can we expect from your set next week?
Yes I'm looking forward to it! I have heard great things the about the club. Expect good shit!

And what can we expect from you in 2010? What plans / resolutions / projects do you have lined up?
You can expect more quality music....a lot of it. Quite a few projects coming up. EP on Third Ear, EP on Hyperdub and some remixes. Of course more from Wild Oats, Kyle Hall and Space Dimension Controller collabo maybe? Time will tell.

Saturday 19th April

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