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MUUUUMMMMMDAAAANNNCCCCEEEE! For those not in the know it’s about time to get to. Jack Adam aka Mumdance has been killing it for quite some time now with his raucous and infectious blend of grime, dancehall, electro, garage and everything in between, resulting in a deal with Diplo’s Mad Decent imprint. We thought it only right to have a little sit down with the man himself and get to know him some more in light of his appearance this Friday in Room Three alongside Tayo, Baobinga and Toddla T.

For those not in the know tell us a little about Mumdance?
My Name is Jack & I'm from Brighton but live in Hackney. I make & play a multitude of musical genres under the alias MUMDANCE. Aside from music, I have a weakness for really bad TV. Eastenders, Corrie, Jeremy Kyle, Big Brother, any sort of cop show or cctv based show all get my vote.

You’ve got a great history with fabric to date, tell us about that, from the first time you played till present day?
fabric has always been a MASSIVE deal for me since I was young, it was the first "big" club I ever went to and I was blown away by the size & vibe of the whole place. For me, playing at Fabric was a huge landmark in my career as a DJ. The first time I played was in Room 3 & I was super super nervous & don’t think I really played to the best of my ability, so I was pretty surprised when they asked me back to play again. I am really, really happy to have the privilege to be allowed to play at Fabric on a fairly regular basis & can die content now I have had my name on a few Fabric flyers!!!!

Now I know you’re a big fan of UKG, what are your top 5 old skool UKG bangers?
It’s ever changing, but at the moment, I LOVE playing all of these in the rave:

1. Macabre Unit - Lift Off
2. Alias - Warriors
3. God’s Gift - Mic Tribute
4. Youngstar - Pulse X
5. Dj Oddz - Blade Runner Instrumental

As a top gun collaborator, what can we expect coming up you in the future?
I like a very broad range of music & think it’s very exciting to mix influences, genres and sounds together. This Idea lies at the base of all my productions, remixes and mixtapes, so I thought the next step to create some new & interesting sounds would be to do a load of collaborations with a load of different artists that I highly respect from a number of different genres that I wouldn't normally be associated with.

I'll give you a little rundown of what’s coming up:

Mumdance & Brodinski - Eurostarr This is a really stripped down, Rhythm based, almost scary 4x4 Techno track, which I think if someone heard without knowing, they wouldn’t guess it was me. (GRAB AN EXCLUSIVE LISTEN HERE:

Mumdance & AC Slater Ft Badness & 77 Klash - Transatlantic Riddim - this is like a UK vs. USA thing, me & AC produced this beat which strongly echoes old school Grime and Badness from the UK vs. 77Klash from the USA have a battle over the top

Mumdance & Drums of Death (Mums of Death) - Golden Axe- This is a strange Commodore Amiga influenced Trace / Soca thing which kinda sounds a bit like Township funk, but better.

Mumdance & Maluca - Jungle Violento - This is a new genre we made up. Jungle Violento is a mixture of Mambo Violento from Maluca's native Dominican Republic & Jungle from the UK. Two very exiting & complementary sounds to mix together.

Mumdance & Toy Selecta - Ani - This is like a Cumbia crossed with UK funky thing. I'm really happy with this one, pure summertime vibes

I also have up an coming collaboration with Brackles, Shortstuff & Kicks Like a Mule, which I am very excited about! So keep an ear out

What can we expect from yourself in room three on the 14th?
Expect a very eclectic but dance floor friendly selection. I don't really decide what I'm going to play beforehand; I just walk into the situation, see what the crowd reacts to best, and then try to move them outside of what they would normally hear while still keeping the place moving. I'm in the studio all this week, so I will be testing out a whole heap of stuff too.

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