Boo Pala’s ‘Beat The System’

It’s not often we talk about anything other than music here, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in other creative fields.

When we were contacted by fashion designer Boo Pala about a showcase of her new AW17 collection, we knew this was something we wanted to tell everyone about. Boo Pala’s work explores minimal aesthetics with a focus on silhouettes and textiles, and regularly features in shows in some of the world’s key cities for fashion.

Earlier this year we received a message from Boo letting us know how much we’d impacted her AW17 work. A collection inspired by our closure last year, she uses ‘prints and textures inspired by the lights and shadows of fabric’s dance floor’.

Focussing specifically on London, Boo is particularly inspired by the need for keeping creative culture – whether that’s through fashion, or on a dance floor like ours. Beat The System explores this idea by focussing specifically on the urge to ‘find our own fabric in a creative and urgent battle for freedom’.

It goes without saying we were more than humbled by the support we received across the world towards the end of last year, but to see what we went through brought to light in such a way is all the more inspiring for us.

Boo Pala is one of many people expressing an urge to challenge and create – that’s something we can always get behind. On 17th February we crossed the river to check out the full AW2017 collection at the Beat The System show at the OXO Tower.

Check out more of the show on Vogue now and in a few photos we took below.

Thanks to Boo for involving us in her collection.

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