Bristol's Latest Protégé, Kalyde

People talk about Bristol with an admiration for good reason. As a city it’s unique, its history, size and liberalism have created a perfect storm of musical styles that continue to evolve and envelope the people who live there. The burgeoning producer Kalyde is one such guy and although the strain of club fuelled techno that’s been released on imprints like Madtech, Zoo and Nurvous is identified more as a result of his Detroit upbringing he’s been very vocal about Bristol’s influence on his attitude and approach. His work has its champions too with DJ mag tipping him as one of their 'DJs to watch out for' and Fatboy Slim and BBC R1’s Monki both signing him to their respective labels.

Set to appear in Room One later this month (23rd October), he’s offered to give us a snippet of exactly the kind of swagger he’ll be donning on the night with this introductory mix. He’s also kindly answered some of our questions so we could officially introduce his outlook to you ahead of his upcoming set here in Farringdon.

Download: Kalyde - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Can you tell us a bit about your life thus far and how it has shaped you as an artist... And how have you got to where you are now in the world of electronic music? Who or what has influenced you and helped you along the way?

Kalyde: The whole journey into electronic music started when I moved to Bristol when I was 18. I was heavily into drum & bass at the time and the city lead me to go to deeper, techier nights that weren't as available in most other towns and cities. Over the years I really got into this sound and artists like Spectrasoul and Lenzman, as well as labels like Shogun Audio who really got me excited about the thought of making music. Combining techno sounds with deep melodies felt very fresh. As the years went by I also started going to a lot of other nights. The opening of Motion opened my ears to different styles of music and the Just Jack night really got me into 4x4, which was when I really knew this was the style I wanted to make. A combination of all these influences, plus the fact I went out too much, was for sure the reason that Kalyde has the sound that it does.

What would you say has been the greatest moment and biggest challenge so far?

Being asked to Remix ‘Star 69’ by Fatboy Slim. It’s such an old classic so I was excited to work on it but knew it would be a hard challenge. Luckily, I made it work.

Do you have a particular process when it comes to production?

I normally find it’s best to start with at least one piece of hardware, so I'll probably have several drum kits and/or vocal chops loaded into my Maschine and an aux channel set up with my Bass Station. I find if the track has a flowing, hands on feel from the beginning then the rest of the track will just fall into place effortlessly.

And how do approach a DJ set? Do you adapt to the vibe of the line up or do you just go with what feels right on the night?

I used to adapt to each night and make individual playlists, but I learnt that you can never really predict how a night is going to go down! So now I just have one big playlist with around 100 tracks that I'm feeling at that time, and just go with what feels right on the night.

Is there a record that resonates with you? One that you play in every set?

The first one that comes to mind is 'Warehouse Anthem' by Sydney Charles as it’s very typical of the kind of sound I put out in my sets. It also seems to go down well in any situation. Also 'Press Up’ by Mosca. It hits into the deeper side of techno which I'm really into.

So is this mix you’ve just delivered to us an indication of what we can expect from you later this month?

Absolutely. The first 25 minutes is very typical of what I play in my warm up sets. I’m playing 11-1 in Room One on the 23rd October so expect this vibe. The second half of the mix is more what I play in my peak time sets, ending with my new track ‘Last Seven’ which is out on Skint at the end of the month.

Can you share with what plans or aspirations you have laid out for yourself to achieve in throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016?

I’ve got some really cool releases coming up in the next few months, most notably my release on Fatboy Slim’s Skint Records. It's a deep techno track I made with singer Youth. It also includes a driving techno version from South London Ordnance (also playing on the 23rd). I also have something coming out on Huxley’s new techno label, so it seems suited that my first set with him is at fabric this month! I think looking into 2016 I would love to have an Ibiza residency that caters for my sound, that would mean a lot to me. Apart from that, just being able to do my thing without compromise.

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