Bruce and his FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix

Despite being a relative newcomer to the scene, the Buckinghamshire via Bristol producer Bruce, aka Larry McCarthy, has undeniably stood out as one to watch for 2014/15 after being taken under the wing of labels such as Hessle Audio and Livity Sound's backwards spelled offshoot. Pairing a profound knowledge of the dynamics of the dancefloor with an acute understanding of the sonic landscape he seeks to create through his sets, the fast-rising producer has shown he’s not one for half measures - and nowhere is this more evident than in the exclusive mix he has readied for us. We caught up with him ahead of his Room One debut next month (3rd July) to put a face to the name and discuss everything from musical awakenings to Vodka Revs.

Download: Bruce - FABRICLIVE x Hessle Audio Mix

So, how are you feeling about playing Room One of fabric next month? Seeing as you’re still quite an upcoming producer in many respects, does it feel like you’ve reached a bit of a milestone with regards to your career in music?

Bruce: Without a doubt. fabric Room One was actually my first experience of clubbing (obviously outside of going to shitty bars like Vodka Revs and stuff) and it was the first time that I got hooked to that soundsystem experience. It’s a massively big deal for me to find myself now playing in that space so it has triggered a significant sense of reflection for how far I've come as a "raver": it's funny to think how far I've come from that first night seeing Tiefschwarz and having no clue what was going on to going more times than I can count over the years and becoming more and more familiar with the place. So much so in fact, that when I get lost in my emotions on the floor of Room One, I feel like home.

Who are the artists that you’re big on at the moment? Can we expect to hear any of their productions within your set on 3rd July?

Generally I’ll be playing stuff that I feel connects with Room One. You see such a range of acts in there and obviously you can play pretty much anything and it sounds wicked but there is definitely a certain sound that I feel resonates with the room. It's always good to play stuff by people who I feel don’t get enough representation. For example there’s a track by a guy called Samuel in my mix - he’s done some great stuff on Mosca's Not So Much and the low-key Bristol based label, BRSTL. I’m playing his stuff out all the time and he’s making some even more exciting stuff now. I often reach for my man Batu and the don that is Lurka when I need some proper UK steez too. I guess we'll have to see how it goes!
"It's funny to think how far I've come from that first night seeing Tiefschwarz [in Room One] and having no clue what was going on"

Talk us through how you ventured into the world of music production... you finished your degree in music last year, so when you were growing up was it always clear to you that you wanted to pursue music? And if so, who/what was it that helped to inform this decision?

It wasn’t always clear, no. When I was about eight I had an accident on my nose so for a long time after that I wanted to be a cosmetic surgeon. But of course when I actually worked out what that entailed I changed my mind [laughs]! To be honest, despite early musical influences from my parents, I've always considered my "musical awakening" to be quite late. It was only when my music teacher at the time showed me electro-acoustic music that it clicked with me. I then realised how you could express such a range of emotions through sound; and sound alone. Thinking about it I should probably go back and thank him; he was such a don.

As you’ve started to achieve recognition as a DJ and producer over the last few years, how has it affected the way you approach your sets with each show you play?

Recognition hasn’t specifically affected my music making but then I do get informed by people around me - especially the people who tell me that they dig my stuff, and who then have something to show me of theirs. This is something that has definitely affected the way I perform because I’ll then try to play their stuff within my sets which then informs the other stuff I play. Playing out in general has also affected what I do, a lot of the new tunes I’ve made are definitely more dancefloor-conscious. In my sets before, I’d always strive to make each mix take the vibe in a different direction to showcase as an eclectic selection of tracks as possible and to keep people on their toes. Whereas now I’m realising the crowd can be more patient than you give them credit for and I’m focusing a bit more on the groove and a sense of continuity. When it comes to DJing I feel like I have so much to learn… I honestly think it’s a bit of a fluke that I’m on in Room One so soon in my career but we’ll see how it goes! What I’ve found personally inspiring is that you can just rock up to a show and it doesn’t have to be like a procedure… as long as you come forward, show that you respect the dancefloor and people around you, do your own thing and are genuine with it, it's enough to make people happy.

Following on from autumn last year and your two debut releases on Hessle Audio and Dnous Ytivil, how have things changed for you since and do you have a new outlook on how you’re going to follow things up?

Everything came in quite significant stages; there was the build up to the releases and then the load of gigs that followed but when they finished quite suddenly, I was left with the realisation that I now had quite a lot of free time and should better start working on more tunes! If there's one thing I've learnt during my stint back at home it’s that it’s quite hard to get inspired and make forward thinking music when you’re sitting in the room you’ve grown up in - with pop-punk band posters from when you were 14! Life’s thrown a few emotional spanners my way too which have definitely inspired my music. So it’s been a relief to get the recent batch of tunes done (most of which I've included in the mix) and a form of closure from how much emotional wealth has gone in to them. I find that if you’ve not been producing for a while you do get a bit rusty - there’s quite a long process of generating ideas and fulfilling them which can become tricky, and then when a production comes together it’s like you’ve found the right Lego piece!

When it came to recording the mix you have prepared, did you have an idea of how you wanted it to progress?

I definitely did yeah, the enjoyment I experienced during my first visit to fabric was really unparalleled in terms of not only inspiring my production over the years but also my DJing with regards to what can be achieved in the right room with the right sound. I wanted to create a mix that was inspired by those sort of moments in the club – whether it be fist pumping for hours or those times when you’re just dazed and standing there like “woah, what the fuck’s going on?!” I’ve tried to tap into that within reason, but at the same time also promote the stuff I’m putting out there.

Track List

Bruce - ????? [dub]
Porter Ricks - Nautical Nuba [Type Recordings]
Mobach - Exotic Drones [Nsyde]
Samuel - ????? [dub]
Ninos Du Brasil - Legios Du Cupins [Hospital Productions]
Laurel Halo - NOYFB [Hyperdub]
Bjørn Torske - Møhlenpris [Tellé]
In Sync - Storm [Delsin]
Bruce - Tilikum (Hodge Remix) [Dnuos Ytivil]
Bruce - ????? [dub]
Phono - Luxor [Schnozza Music]
Pangaea - They Buy Gold [Hadal]
Baby Ford + Eon - Dead Eye [Plus 8 Records]
Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version [Desire Records]
Bruce - ????? [dub]
Audio Tech - Dark Side (Vocal Mix) [Metroplex]
Africans With Mainframes - Djibouti [Creme]
I. A. Bericochea - S7 [ROJO.IT]
CC Not - Wearing [Acting Press]
Bruce - ????? [dub]

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