Culprit's Latest Talents, Adriatique

Despite only getting together in 2010, the Adriatique duo (who are both called Adrian) have covered an impressive mass of ground over the last five years. Since meeting at a mutual gig in Germany they hit upon a synergy in the studio that has seen their tracks being signed to labels like Hive Audio, Diynamic and Droog's LA house outpost, Culprit. Obviously these are all pretty upstanding crews to be affiliated with and with their tautly produced rollers having won over dancefloors the world over and earning them spots at very special shindigs like Droog's infamous LA rooftop parties and DC10. Soon to be ticking another of their favourite party spots off their list, our very own EC1 space, Adriatique are due to land this very Saturday night (27th June) so we jumped on the line to see if we couldn't get under the skin of these quick rising talents.

So how did you guys meet and come to work together?

We met in a club in southern Germany when we were booked together. We heard each other's sets and were pretty impressed so we kept in touch after the show. We had both already been DJing for a few years and had just started to produce so the timing was right for both of us to do something together.

Were you involved in any other projects before this?

We both had our solo projects but like we were saying before we were only really active as DJs, so when we met each other thought the time was right for something new.

What would you say is the other’s best asset?

Adrian (dark) on Adrian (blond): He has a level of perfectionism which keeps us both on track especially in the studio but also in general.

Adrian (blond) on Adrian (dark): He maintains a great level of composure. He doesn't take everything too seriously like a lot of other people do.

What would you say each of yours leanings are when it comes to musical taste? I’ve read that you both were influenced by different schools of techno…

Adrian (dark): Adrian (blond) was initially more influenced by the stuff that came out of Europe, especially German techno and I was more influenced by the music from overseas through a cousin who was my first link to electronic music. When we met though we were on the same page musically though and were both equally influenced by what was going on around 2005-2007 - especially by the sound that was coming out of DC10.

How’d you come to hook up with Culprit? Have you spent time out with the guys in LA and played at one of their infamous parties out there?

We first met a couple of years back at one of their signature OFF Sonar rooftop parties and after some talks we agreed to an EP for the label which worked out really well and was pretty successful. And yes, we did get to play at their legendary Standard Hotel rooftop parties in LA and we've become good friends ever since.

What’s your summer schedule been like so far any gigs that stand out as the best experience?

We've had a pretty busy start which is a very good thing for us. The first festivals were huge like our Diynamic festival and DGTL festival in Amsterdam, the Ibiza season as started for us too we played the Solomun +1 opening party as well as the opening party for the Diynamic outdoor parties. We also had our first Circoloco gig at DC10 of the season, which was great.

You’re also part of the Diynamic family how have they helped you progress with your career?

This was actually a big starting point for us and helped to put us on the map, we got to know the guys back in 2010. We'd been following the label keenly since 2006 and they signed a track from us. From that point onward it was a really natural progression, they helped us using their platforms. Over the years we've grown closer and closer to the point where it feels like a family now.

What are the tracks that are currently at the top of your set lists right now?

Konrad Black's remix of Guido Schneider and Jens Bond’s track 'If You' are two good examples, we've always loved Konrad and are always keeping an ear out for his latest tunes to play out. The upcoming EP from &Me is great too, especially 'Woods'. We always play a lot of classic records too.

What’s next for Adriatique?

Firstly, we're really looking forward to our debut at fabric which we've been wanting to happen for a while now! Hopefully we'll have a very good night together...


Saturday 27th June

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