DJ Madd + Exclusive FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Budapest born, Bristol based dubstep producer DJ Madd has carved himself a pretty unique trench within his contemporaries over the space of a handful of singles – mainly released on the Boka and Black Box imprints. Going in just as hard as producers like Benga and Caspa, Madd - known to his parents as Peter Simon - manages to retain a lot of space and atmosphere in his productions, fleshing his tracks out with heavy sine wave pulses rather than those mid range frequencies that seem to get included expressly to make you lose your shit on the dancefloor. Flirting with the funk in a similar way to someone like Joker, Madd has a great command of aerated bass lines, tweaking the best force out of his low end and complimenting that speaker pressure with vibrancy and these little flickers of synth colour that lodge themselves deep in your brain for days.

In his own words when speaking to the Sonic Router blog last year: “appreciating both Rusko and Martyn at the same time is not a crime,” and his Better With You EP remains probably the most ample introduction to the strength and direction of his music to date. Pairing subtle bleeps and wholesome melodies with wandering bit crushed bass on the eponymous track, the flip side gem ‘Reasonz’ absolutely obliterates any notion that ‘hard’ dubstep lacks soul; the computerized voice serenades its own depressed soliloquy, winding over the top of the piano loops, 8 bit excursions and the omnipresent snare clap.

Having made the move across the sea from his native Hungary to one of bass music’s most fertile hotspots, Bristol, late last year, Madd seems to be really be bouncing of the wealth of talent lodged in the South West of England.

“I’ve settled in Bristol quite nicely now. Everybody has been friendly and welcoming so far so it really made the whole moving thing easy on me,” he tells us in typically humble fashion. “I’m not really doing anything else outside of music for now... I’m trying to make the best out of it and it's going alright.”

“My next releases will be out on Black Box and Subway records; though I’m also working on some different tempo stuff which should hopefully get to wax around September time. I’ve been working on more 'rollers' and there’s some more minimal techy type of things so you can expect more of those to come!”

Joining us in Room Three on the 9th July for a line up that joins the danceable hypercolour dubbings of Hyetal and Ital Tek (who’ll be performing live, riding high off the back of the release of his gloriously varied recent Planet Mu LP, ‘Midnight Colour’) with the tough stylings of Kutz and Madd, he’s been kind enough to whip together a mix almost 100% (bar 3 tunes – one of which is an exclusive Kryptic Minds remix of his ‘Dub Marine’ track) comprised of his own productions.

Download: DJ Madd – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


DJ Madd - Good Old Days (forthcoming Black Box)
DJ Madd - Funktion 1 (Lime Dubs)
DJ Madd - Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds remix)
DJ Madd - The Battle (?)
DJ Madd - Not Afraid (Lime Dubs)
Seven - Wait (forthcoming Black Box)
Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DJ Madd refix)
Hatcha & Lost - Tattyland (Blackbox)
DJ Madd & Matt-U - Sound System (Tube10)
V.I.V.E.K. - Motherland (forthcoming Deep Medi)
DJ Madd - Flex'd (Ikonika remix) (Boka)
DJ Madd - When I First Met You (forthcoming Subway)

Catch DJ Madd in Room Three on Friday 9th July; its Numbers 7th Birthday in Room One featuring Karizma and Roska plus Marcus Intalex’s Soul:ution fill Room Two with a plethora of drum & bass royalty.

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