Eats Everything (& his Dirtybird x fabric Promo Mix)

Bristol boy, Eats Everything loves booty-shaking house, basslines and anything beef burger related. Feeding on a fast-rising year of success, Daniel Pearce has set the pace for heavy releases to watch in 2011 with ‘Entrance Song EP’ signed to Pet Recordings, winning massive support from the likes of Seth Troxler, Claude Von Stroke, Pete Tong and Catz & Dogz, as well as remixes on Leftroom and Hypercolour. Shortly after, he was snapped up by Dirtybird's Worthy to knock heads on the ‘Tric Trac’ track and with his passion for house "with a little more grunt," big bass and solid beats, its Dirtybird where Daniel has well and truly found his home. With ‘The Size EP’ out tomorrow and a fabric Room One debut next Saturday, we wasted no time in getting all the gossip on why Daniel digs Dirtybird, Bristol and house music. His thoughts come tied together with a groovy, bass licking mix that will have you dancing the fabric birthday blues off in no time at all…

Download: Eats Everything - Dirtybird x fabric Mix

Hi Daniel, can you tell us what helped foment such a strong musical vision so early in your career? Was it music you grew up listening to or were there other influences involved?
I grew up listening to early hardcore at the start of the nineties, Ellis Dee, Carl Cox. Easygroove etc, and seriously into jungle when it emerged from the hardcore scene and the harder end of techno as well. One day a good friend played me a house record by the Rhythm Masters and from there on it was house all the way. I guess the strong musical vision comes from the fact that I have been listening to dance music and DJing for a long, long time and I have seen a lot of genres/styles come and go. I guess that I encompass a lot of those styles both old and current and try to do something unique. Hopefully I am succeeding in that!

For those who may not be familiar with your music, let's talk about the year when things really kicked off with the release of Entrance Song on Pets Recordings?
This year has been an absolute whirlwind to be honest, and only really the second part of it to be honest! Entrance Song was released in July and I am still shocked at the crossover appeal that record has had! I made it in June 2010, a few labels that I sent it to turned it down and then it was meeting J Phlip from Dirtybird at a club in Bristol in February that was the turning point really. I gave her the tracks, she loved them, passed them to Voitek & Greg (Catz n Dogz) and the next day they emailed me asking to sign them. I couldn't believe it as I was a massive fan of Pets, Catz n Dogz and J Phlip and it was amazing that they were into my music. I am still kind of pinching myself really.

How did you hook up with Dirtybird?
I had been sending stuff to Claude Von Stroke but to no avail, he was always polite and said it wasn't quite right or whatever, then he heard Justin Martin play ‘The Size’ at DEMF earlier this year and the next day I had an email asking if he could sign it! It was signed to another label at the time, a really good one but not as big as Dirtybird called Anabatic (Owned by Worthy, one of the dirtybird crew, collaborator on Tric Trac my first dirtybird release and good friend of mine) so Vonstroke asked Worthy if he could sign it, Worthy said yes and it’s just about to be released any day now.

What is you love most about booty-shaking house and basslines and how do you think Dirtybird have managed to crown this particular sound for their own?
I love the fact that it is still house music, but it has a little more grunt than your other underground house music styles. I like big bass and solid beats, Dirtybird has always had that in abundance so I think they have molded it by signing the right kind of artists to make the sound completely their own. Luckily I seem to fit into that category.

What’s Bristol got for music-heads that other UK cities haven’t?
I honestly couldn't tell you, but there is definitely something. There is definitely a feeling of community within the Bristol house scene as most of the artists are friends in some way. You have the established superstars like Nick Warren etc, then the guys who have been pushing for a while like Julio Bashmore and Deepgroove and then there are the newbies like me, Waifs & Strays, Christophe, Lukas and the rest of the Futureboogie Crew. We all know each other, we all get in the studio together and we all party together. Living in Bristol is and always has been like one big happy family with lots of cool music thrown in for good measure.

Tell us about the making of ‘Tric Trac’ with Worthy on Dirtybird?
Worthy was touring Europe and we decided that he should come stay and we could make some music. We made a couple of tracks and then at the end of the last session one of us said, "shall we try and make a little trick track, just to play in clubs". 3 hours later Tric Trac was finished. He is coming back over on the 7th November to stay again so we can make some tracks and hopefully strike it lucky again second time around.

Are you looking forward to popping your fabric cherry next month for Dirtybird Room One takeover?
I literally can't wait!! Honestly. My dream places to play are fabric, DC10 and Space in Ibiza as I love them all. fabric was always my number one place to play so I cannot tell you how excited I am! It’s literally a dream come true.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your music career so far?
Don’t try and release a track until you’re sure you’ve got a hit on your hands, try and strive for quality over quantity.

What’s been exciting you most this year, musically or otherwise, and why?
Musically, artists from both end of the underground spectrum Justin Martin and Jamie Jones have been exciting me. Getting a good few plays on Radio 1 has also excited me greatly, and I have just done a ‘potted history of Bristol dance music’ minimix for Annie Macs show, which airs on October 21st. Outside of music, probably my homemade beef stroganoff has been my most exciting food related endeavor, that and getting engaged of course!

Tell us about the mix you’ve done for you?
The mix is a little different than my normal mixes. I don't really have a certain style that I play, I just see what the crowd is up for and gauge it from there, so this is a kind of across the board mix if you like. A little bit of everything pretty much like what you may hear from me in a club.

Finally, what are your top three guilty pleasures?
Salt liquorices with high ammonia content, seriously! Brand new jogging bottoms and anything beef burger related!!

Eats Everything

Saturday 5th November

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