Egyptrixx (with Exclusive Mini Mix)

Since the project’s inception in 2008, David Psutka, AKA Egyptrixx, has been piquing the interest of an exponentially increasing amount of heads. A handful of remixes and EPs, including his awesome ‘The Only Way Up’ EP for the Night Slugs stable, have seen him continue to permeate the bass scene with his own brand of ‘celestial club music’. Pulling together elements of house, techno, dubstep and electronica into his tough yet nuanced sound, Psutka juxtaposes robust rhythms with expansive synths and emotive melodies, and his music never fails to take root itself in both your head and your feet. With his debut LP waiting in the wings as well as a new live set, his trajectory is most definitely pointing skywards.

In honour of the fact that Egyptrixx will be bringing his live set to Room Three this weekend alongside Tayo, Mumdance and Smutlee, we figured it was time to pin him down for a chat. He also put together a tidy little minimix full of exclusive material to keep you going until he touches down on Friday.

So for those that don’t know, can you briefly introduce yourself?
David Psutka aka Egyptrixx from Toronto, Canada.

What kind of background do you come from musically and how did it progress to the music you are making and playing now?
I studied piano at the Royal Conservatory and from there played in bands, did some songwriting and then eventually got into making electronic music/music with computers.

When you did you pick up production and what impelled you to do so?
A few of the bands I was playing in dissolved for various (mostly personal) reasons and as a result, I started making music on my own. At the time I was also listening to a lot of old house and techno records that a friend had left at my house.

Your productions exist in the meeting point between a number of different genres. How would you describe the music that you make?
Celestial club music.

Do you think that there is anything inherent to all the music that you make that ties it all together?
It feels strange to actually spell it out, but there are sounds, melodies and percussion arrangements that I’m drawn too, and sample packs and synthesizer programs that I’ve created for this project. I also have a small collection of old, broken analogue synthesizers that I use on most Egyptrixx songs.

What is the scene like out in Toronto and in Canada in general?
There is no shortage of cool projects in Toronto (see zari & iii & Trust) but the music community can seem counter-progressive and lacking in 'apparatus.' Toronto is relatively devoid of media, labels, venues, promoters etc considering the number and calibre of its artists and these are all necessary elements to support and provide growth to a "scene." That being said, the sensation that 'no one gives a shit' can encourage artists to take chances and be adventurous which might be why Toronto has such an amorphous sound. This can be a good thing.

Do you think that being geographically removed from a lot of your affiliates like the Night Slugs crew has affected the music you make?
I've never really considered that to be honest, my process is pretty independent so I don’t think so.

How did you link up with the Night Slugs stable?
We started trading music over myspace and it grew from there. I don’t remember where I first heard them; it may have been through the Lower End Spasm blog or a mixtape.

Who else is doing it for you right now?
I've been listening to a lot of Mount Kimbie, Balam Acab, Actress and Omar S. The new Xasthur and Rolo Tomassi LPs are great too.

What projects have you got in the pipeline?
I've just completed my first full-length which will be out sometime in the fall/winter and I'm working on a new live set with an expanded lineup which will be more downtempo and meditative.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix you have put together for us and what you wanted to showcase with it?
This mix is mainly material from the new LP, and a pretty good taste of my current liveset.

Download: Egyptrixx – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix


Egyptrixx - Start from the beginning
Egyptrixx - Collapsing
The Aikiu - Just Cant Sleep (Egyptrixx RMX) [Abracadabra records]
Egyptrixx - Hiawatha
Egyptrixx - Recital (drums version)

Friday 16th July

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