Stuart Geddes stands at the frontline of the underground music scene, his secret weapon- an intimate knowledge on providing one-night musical extravaganzas, selected for a very special crowd. As a label-owner, producer, DJ and promoter, you will most likely recognise Geddes for his successful Mulletover parties and the London grown murmur imprint which has layed down releases from high profile artists, Matt Tolfrey, Glimpse, Bearweasal and Simon Baker. Not to mention welsh lad, Tom Demac’s latest offering 'Crewcuts & Curls' which has been hailed as murmur's strongest release to date, featuring as it does, reworks from Jamie Jones, Wolf + Lamb and Luke Solomon.

Taking over the intimate surroundings of fabric's Room Three this Saturday, Geddes will be showcasing the talents of the murmur presents nofitstate collective, championing the deep, profound and organic sounds of Meat and Tom Demac (LIVE). But before we lose our heads and feet in ‘no fit state’ (with little persuasion needed), make sure you check out Geddes words on the highs and lows of running murmur, the current state of East London’s underground music scene and why he believes Argentinean food is some of the best in town.

For those that don’t know talk us through the philosophy behind your underground house and techno night, murmur presents nofitstate...
Nofitstate is the chance for me to do something smaller and intimate where I can show my musical tastes on a wider spectrum.

You formed your record label murmur with David from Air London in 2008. Talk us through some of your highlights from running a successful label that has featured high profile artists such as Matt Tolfrey, Glimpse, Bearweasal and Simon Baker...
For me the highlights have been when something special happens, when a remix is delivered or I sign a track and I'm like 'wow' - I can't wait for other people to hear it. We got off to a good start with our first release 'Some People' by Rekleiner (my project with Audiofly). When we made that record I knew it was special...

Sis remixing 'The Thoroughfare' off the back of 'Nesrib,’ Damian Lazarus loved it and featured it on his Lazpod.

Finding Tom Demac and releasing 'Crewcuts & Curls' which has been my favourite release to date. Tom really has been our main act, we've bonded really well and have an understanding of what to expect from each other.

Lewie Day 'That's The Thing' featuring a Lee Curtiss remix. I suppose what fuels my enthusiasm is knowing when I’ve made an A&R decision that works. Admittedly I've made some mistakes along the way but that's part of the course of running a label I guess.

How important do you think collectives are at the moment in establishing identity for labels?
I think its massively important, most labels doing well have a collective behind them, it's something I strive for with murmur but find it difficult to achieve. Most labels want to be touring and playing in the best clubs in the world, to do that you need a family around you. Most producers have their mind set on working with one or two labels and to keep loyalty is difficult. Going forward I'd like to extend our roster, our stable mates have been Tom Demac and Mic Mewman so far.

You’ll be showcasing the talents of Tom Demac and Meat, both members of the murmur label on Saturday 7th August in Room Three at fabric. Tell us about how you met the two producers and what they’ll be bringing to the floor this weekend, alongside yourself...
Over the years I've always found it hard to really enjoy live sets I think it takes a special producer to nail a live show, Tom is definitely one of those acts, full of energy and charisma. Meat I've known for a long time and regard as one of my favourite DJs (he does own Freebase in Frankfurt so has pick of the bunch when it comes to gems), whenever we're together I'm always hassling him for his secret weapons. Musically it’s all about good house music.

Tell us about Tom’s remix package out on murmur this summer, ‘Crewcuts & Curls’; it’s been hailed as one of murmur’s strongest releases with reworks from Jamie Jones, Wolf + Lamb and Luke Solomon.
‘Crewcuts & Curls’ remix package was fun to put together, all three remixes were great and it was difficult to decide who got the A side! Wolf + Lamb taking it deep for the morning sessions, Jamie to the dance floor and Luke's for the heads.

We’ve been scratching our heads wandering, where you pulled the name ‘No Fit State’ from. Can you let us in on the story?
We've all been there... ;-)

How would you describe the current state of the underground party scene in London and how does it compare to other parts of the world where you play?
London is still going strong with some great parties happening but in my opinion it's getting harder and harder for promoters to do something special. The venues just aren't there anymore, especially in East London. With there not being so many 'venues' anymore everyone wants to do a warehouse party, and these parties aren't as underground as they used to be. When we first started Mulletover things were proper underground then, little warehouse parties here, there and everywhere. As Shoreditch and the surrounding area increased in popularity the venues that once held host to special, secret parties have now been developed and disappeared. Wherever you go there's always an underground but for me London is still unique with what we offer, people here know how to have a good time. In Europe I think there isn't such an underground scene because house and techno is accepted by the masses.

What makes for the ‘right party’ in your eyes?
The soundsystem is soooo important together with the people, followed closely by the choice of venue, and whatever else makes a party flow ;-)

What kind of music do you listen to in your spare time, and what other artists are you digging at the moment?
Currently on my playlists are Air (the folk band from the 70s), Carole King, Denis Wilson, ESG, John Martyn, Phoreski, Trus 'Me and Dixon’s ‘Temporary Secretary’ mix

Tell us about your upcoming murmur gigs and releases. Any big and breaking plans for 2010?
Gig wise we have a party planned 2nd October with Tensnake and Gerd Jenson, then another in November with Dyed Soundorom and The Revenge. Forthcoming on vinyl we have a nofitstate sampler featuring Claire Ripley 'Slow Loris' (Solomun Remix), Geddes & Mic Newman 'Rework' (Chopstick & TIll Von Sein Remix) and Tom Demac 'Slip Slop Slap'. In the pipeline Sir Ashkenson & The Fabulous Teti – ‘Don Do Dat’ and something from a young guy from Australia called Andy Hart.

Finally, what’s your favorite way to spend a day in London away from the studio and the darkness of a club?
Buen Ayre has got to be a contender for the best restaurant in town, great little place with meat being the staple option (not recommended for Judy ;)) and Parrillada Deluxe for two washed down with a bottle of red works a treat but doesn't leave much room for anything else.

Catch Geddes at the murmur presents NOFITSTATE Room Three takeover alongside Meat and Tom Demac (LIVE) this Saturday.

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