Bristolian producer Gemmel Phillips, better known by his shortened nickname Gemmy, blossomed out of the so called ‘purple’ quagmire. Spearheaded by fellow producers Joker and Guido, the trio’s penchant for naggingly catchy leads and squalling computer funk made them an instant hit in the dubstep world, servicing beats that were often drastically different to the deep and pressing bass loaded soundscapes. Feeding more off the energy and insistency of grime music, Gemmy’s debut release on the Punch Drunk label – a Bristol based label famed for bringing the emerging sounds of the South West to the wider world – ‘Bk II The Future’ b/w ‘Bass Transmitter’ wailed and staggered through contrasting synth lines.

Inebriated with the sound, his consequent release for the Planet Mu label ‘Supligen’ rewired the template whilst the flip side, ‘BT Tower,’ showed a different side to his productions, positively bruising speaker stacks with its pummeling array of low end frequencies. Following it up with the ‘Jonny 5’ double pack – again on Planet Mu – it was obvious Gemmy’s sound was maturing, deviating rhythmically from the halfstep template, he riddled the stand out track ‘Dolla Digital,’ with tom tom rolls piled on top of erratic snares.

Hard at work on his debut album, we caught up with the producer over AIM, bantering him out of his production work for long enough for him to agree to transfer us an exclusive track to give away ahead of his performance in Room Three on Friday 24th.

Download: Gemmy – The 1987 Bounce

Where are you at now? Like rumours about your album have been about for a while... is there one?
I’m just at home in the studio man.... yes there will be one. I’m still making tracks for it but most of the work has been done.

Are they all in the vein of previous Gemmy tunes? I remember seeing you play about earlier in the year and you played some mad funky-ish stuff.
Well I’m trying to cover a wide spectrum. There will be a few tracks on the album and which I’ve made recently that have a kinda funky vibe. I’m trying to do something different.

More snares and that?
Yeah; a different swing, lol. I want people to know it not just a half step thing.

Does it have like a theme to it? The album I mean…
I still haven’t thought of a name for it and… the theme is me. Big leads and a so called ‘purple’ feel, lol. I can’t forget that of course lol.

Haha - what do you think about that whole purple thing?
Well, I get this one all the time…umm I think it’s expanding the scence. It’s crazy where its came from to where it going. There’s not much it say about it really…

I guess no matter what people call it or label it you just do you. Whether that fits into 'purple' is by the by…
That’s spot on mate. Like I’ve said it previous interviews I’ve just made music and people in the dubstep scene like it, so my music is now called dubstep. I think it’s the same for a lot of producers but its good for music to have these things. It gets people buzzin’.

Sure. Who else are you feeling? In and out of dubstep...
That’s a good question. Umm of course Joker and Gudio, RSD, Pinch, Skream, Benga… umm DJG, Jakes.

What’s happening in Bristol at the mo. I’ve not been in ages…
Umm the Bristol scene is nice and healthy like always… from one headliner rave to the 12 headliner raves. New talent is being pushed through the door as always.

Anybody in particular you’re repping? That Superisk 12" on Punch Drunk is wicked…
New artists are always popping up. Yeah I was gonna mention Superisk. He’s well known in Bristol and has been pushing his sound for ages, I’m glad to see things taking of for him. He used to go to college with me, Mensah and Chasing Shadows…his selection is top notch. But I can’t be knocked on that either.

But yeah Bristol is doing it.

Never stopped really…
For real! The kids are repping the scene in a good way too, deep dubstep nights are also ram now too.

Yeah it does seem like every aspect of the sound gets covered and Bristol is not really THAT big…
That’s it. But in some respects it’s a good thing…

Yeah it is. To be small and insular and progressive and everything…
That’s right man.

Gives you all chance to fight each other with beats…
Lol. Yeah its true man, it keeps everyone connected.

Is there still a healthy aspect of competition between producers? Is it still fun?
Well I don’t think it’s a competition as such; it’s a lot of inspiration, tunes being bounced around keeps people on their toes.

Yeah but you want to be the best…
Haha, well everyone wants to have the best music, lol.

Totally, else why do it…?
Very right man.

So what else is coming up for you? Other releases dropping or are you just working toward the album?
There’s a few more remixes… I’m working on a few new project as well so I’m gonna be quite busy over the next few months and the album of course. So basically, there will be some top notch releases, lol.

Catch Gemmy in Room Three on 24th September alongside, Rossi B & Luca, Hardhouse Banton and R1 Ryders

Friday 24th September

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