Hector & his fabric promo mix

To whet your appetite this Saturday, we’re bringing you a mouth-watering line-up from a new breed of UK DJ’s re-defining the airspace of house music. Descending down on Room Three, we’re hyped to welcome One Records- founded by originator of Birmingham’s notorious house night Below, Adam Shelton and Subb-An- a fresh live talent with hot label attention on Culprit, Tsuba and Spectral Sound, home to the lush analog house jam ‘The Lovers Night feat. Beckford’ out earlier this year.

Staying true to their house roots, the Brummie boys will be getting down to business with special guest, Mexico-born but a Londoner by choice, Hector. Boasting heavy-duty releases on Crosstown Rebels, Mobilee, 20:20 Vision, Phonica, and 8bit- this month sees Hector cut his teeth on One Records with sensational house bomb, 'Ego EP.' We spoke to Hector about the record and his roots in the UK’s house music scene. Setting the vibe for Saturday night, Hector also brings his serious house skills to the table with a fabric promo mix.

DOWNLOAD: Hector fabric promo mix

Hi Hector, tell us where have you been sunning yourself recently?
At Frankfurt airport for 3 days and it's not a joke, apart from that Sonar ,Berlin and Tunisia have been the best places this summer so far.

Starting from scratch- how did you get into making music?
It all started when I listened to English house music as I had met some friends that came from London to study Spanish in my city Guadalajara. We started to swap music and that started to create interest on how to mix down all the tunes I had. I also discovered West Coast house and from there the ball start rolling and the next step was to learn how to make it. I started with the old good reason then logic and here we are now trying to buy more hardware as possible.

Which direction does your music lean towards?
I don’t really have any particular direction, I like to dig a lot of music and find amazing stuff I’m really open to all the styles and sorts of music from jazz, hip hop to folk , funk and of course house music like deep , tech , techno all sorts of styles but always interesting.

In what ways have you been influenced by the spirit of house music?
Listening to people like The Timewriter, Terry lee Brown JR, Todd Terry , Chez Damier to Joeski , Dj Q just to name a few

Did you always want to become a DJ or was that something that happened organically?
As I said it all came after meeting my English friends and it all came organically ,saving money to buy records turntables and going round Soho and a few other places records shopping at least thee times a week..the good old days.

Tell us some of your most memorable stories of working behind the counter at Phonica?
Well I used to be there full time for 6 years so I’m very happy to be part of that. Phonica is one of the best record shops in the world and I could write a book about stories there. Maybe I can take this space to send a big hi to the person who came behind my back and hit me with a pile of about 50 records in the back of my head which caused me a concussion and neck problems..but it’s all good. Some random requests..asking if we sell umbrellas or if we sell sim cards ,maybe the best one is when people asked me when I’m behind the counter making a transaction if I work there?

What is it like operating in a vinyl-centric music shop in the current music market/economy? Where do you think it’s all going? Where do you want to see it go?
Well I have seen a lot of changes since I remember how hard it was to find some American stuff or how good it was to go and experience a record shop and get the weekly news. The digital business really affected a lot of things but also changed a lot in the music industry and a lot of small independent labels and independent record shops had to close down. Online websites and piracy put music to be downloaded for free and people don’t care about all the damage - I really wouldn’t want to see that this could cause more small labels and big labels to have to stop putting music out because of websites like Rapidshare.

When did you first meet Adam Shelton & Subb An and join the One Records roster?
A few years ago Adam booked me to come and play at the amazing Below in Birmingham. Since then we just connect and I have always been fan of Adam’s music and also Subb-an's productions and live act. We just bonded and we be came really good friends and now after a few years we all are in the same vibe so for me to make music for their label is a pleasure and the music there has been so good do far. They really taking care of small details to have an amazing quality of music and the artists involved on it. Of course my ego has been a big part of it so they love me for that ;)

Tell us about your new Ego EP ready to drop in July?
Do I really have to talk about The Ego? It says it all, this is a house bomb ready for the summer and it's had amazing feedback. Also to have a remix from Mr Rob Mello is an honor, Tristan's remix has been a serious dancefloor killer so I’m really happy about this release and hope people like it too because it's all bout the ego.

Describe the vibe of Room Three next Saturday- in what ways do you expect the night to go off?
House , house and more house! It will be a great selection and I’m really looking forward to playing in my favourite club in the world and with my ego hermanos so it's gonna be hot !

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico- do you get to go back often? What do you enjoy most about Mexican culture?
Last year I was there 3 times which was really good, now I have plans to go back there for the BPM festival in January in Playa Del Carmen. Last year was really amazing so i will be down there and also playing in few cities for my homies. What I enjoy the most from my culture of course is the food, the donkeys, the ponchos, the tacos, and Mamitas.

What other big projects do you have in development for 2011?
I have a few really good EP’s coming which I’m looking forward to it on Tsuba including a Cassy remix, plus I have a collaboration with Subb-an and some remixes on Phonica Records and of course, my EP on Desolat is on the way.

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