An accomplished producer and live performer, Rajko Muellerin is known to the electronic world as Isolée and considered a visceral purveyor of the "microhouse” movement. Achieving revered status for the 1998 dancefloor genius track 'Beau Mot Plage', which swapped BPM heavy techno of the time for the subliminal microscopic and epic. In the studio, Isolée has since gone on to complete a slew of successful releases for prestige record labels Playhouse, Diynamic, Mule and Dial and close friends DJ Koze’s Pampa Records on the contemporary techno LP “Well Spent Youth” out earlier this year. We decided to get the low down from the Hamburg native ahead of his live Room One takeover with Innervisions boss Dixon this Saturday.

Hey Isolee, how is the summer treating you so far?
I have a good relationship with summer... when it's there.

How did you get into making music?
By being passionate for music and always trying to record something with any instrument that is easy to make sounds with when you don't know how to play it.

Can you tell us about some of your major influences on your music career (past and present)?
I guess all the eighties pop music and the electronic dance music like house and techno in the nineties has been a big influence. Beside this, all kinds off music that I like has probably had some influence.

What do you see as the defining characteristics of your tracks?
I think they often have an emotional side that is quite important and they have quiet elaborated arrangements for "club-music"

Tell us about your live-set? How do you go about putting it together & what’s your equipment gear like?
I make a choice of my tracks that fit best the club-situation. Of these tracks I have several, like 4 to 8, submixes containing different musical layers, like drums, bass, synths etc.. that all together make the track. With a laptop and the appropriate software (that almost everyone uses), I can trigger them at any time in any order depending on the situation. To make this more comfortable I have two controllers and a soundcard with 12 outputs to send the layers on an analog mixer. In fact, this is a double mixer situation, one in the software and the analog one but I prefer to have a proper analog mixer where I also can put some effects on and which don't force me to look at the laptop all the time.

What has the response been to your live show so far?
Usually it's great.. in my perception.

How did you get involved with DJ Koze’s Pampa imprint to release your latest full length ‘Well Spent Youth? What has been the feedback & in what ways have you taken this on board for future projects?
DJ Koze is good friend of mine, so it happened more or less naturally that I released on his label. The good thing about such personal and direct relation is that you have a constant exchange and update about music and what you are working on. It's is a great base for any future project.

Are you looking forward to playing in Room One alongside Dixon next Saturday? What can the audience expect from you?
Of course I am really looking forward to it! The audience can expect a very boring set of teutonic microhouse-tracks..., but seriously, I don't want to reveal to much...

Aside from keeping the crowd at fabric moving next weekend, what have you got planned for the coming months?
The coming months are not over-planed so far and I'm looking forward to going on holiday with my girlfriend. Before that, there will be a few festival gigs and a short trip to Brazil for live-gigs.

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