Introducing... Mathias Kaden + His N8Falter Podcast

There’s something very inspiriting about speaking to an artist whose fifteen year DJ career has taken them across the world and they still tell you how they’ll never forget their first gig at fabric. For Germany’s Mathias Kaden it was his warm-up set for DJ Sneak in Room One, finished off by playing in Room Two that left him with an amazing experience he’ll never forget.

Kaden is a man for the dancefloor no doubt, given any time of the night he draws a crowd with his explicitly articulated 4/4 measure of front end, rolling house grooves. On the heels of his success come remixes for a slew of underground house names like fabric65 maestro Matthias Tanzmann and Onur Özer and releases on labels like Freude am Tanzen and Vakant, where he receives a lot of his key exposure, notably on his debut masterpiece album 'Studio 10.’

Before Mathias returns to Room Two this Saturday next to Monkey Maffia and Craig Richards, we get a revealing interview on everything from his love for 60’s music, fondness for remixing, his aspirations to start a new album next year and why he hates the internet. We've also been presented with his latest podcast for N8Falter and with Agnes aka Cavalier, Boo Williams and Luca Bachetti all making a guest appearance you're in for a real treat thanks to the true sound of pumping house.

DOWNLOAD: Mathias Kaden Podcast for N8Falter

1: Basil – Time To Be Free (Sascha Dive remix) - King Street Sounds
2: Agnes aka Cavalier – Uzunyayla – Drumpoet Community
3: Luca Bachetti – High Life – Ovum Records
4: Wareika – Forest/Red Sun (Mathias Kaden remix) - Bar 25 Records
5: Boo Williams – Devil Muzic – Anotherday Records
6: Re UP – Wanna Get Back in a Day – Safarielectronique
7: Fosky Feat. Shiva – Shiva – Crosstown Rebels
8: Pirupa – Party Non Stop – Desolat
9: Felipe Venegas & Mathias Kaden - Verano Chile 2011- Drumma Records

Hi Mathias. Good to meet you. Can you introduce yourself for our readers?
My name is Mathias Kaden, I was born on 1981 in an East German city that doesn’t exist anymore – Karl-Marx-Stadt – now known as Chemnitz. I’ve been DJing for a little over 15 years & I’m a happy man.

Your summer schedule is back to back with bookings from Germany to Spain and USA. What’s your vice for surviving on the road and what keeps you sane in the thick of it all?
The travelling for me is one of the best parts about my job. I don’t mind the waiting at airports and hotels as I use this quiet time to write emails or for answering interviews (like now). I look forward to meeting people & friends on my travels around the world and a great time at the next gig.

Who are you most looking forward to playing with this summer if you can tell us?
Too many people to list – I just enjoy and look forward to playing and being with my friends. My residency at Cocoon Amnesia Ibiza is a highlight for me this year, more time in London with my gig at fabric and the festivals which are great fun.

How are you looking forward to playing in Room Two with Craig Richards and Monkey Maffia on Saturday? In what direction do you plan to take the crowd?
My direction is always up, I try to catch the crowd and we go together in the flow. I will never forget my first gig at fabric, I played the warm-up set for DJ Sneak in Room One and then finished the night in Room Two - this was really an amazing experience for me.

We’re interested to know, are there plans for a follow up album following your debut Studio10 on Vakant?
No plans so far, I will try to do a new EP and maybe next year I’ll start a new album – I’m so busy it’s hard to find the time for everything I want to do. I have some ideas and thoughts but no time to work on them!

We really enjoyed the mix of sounds and styles with Latino rhythms, jazz and minimal ambience that you explored on the album. Is this a reflection of you wanting to not to stick to one genre? Are there any areas yet you want to explore that haven’t?
I like broken beats & dubstep – lots of styles interest me but to play I prefer 4:4 grooves. Not necessarily straight one’s mind you, it has to be full of rhythm & jazz elements or something a little different, like funky house or techno! It’s a mish mash“ really.

What do you enjoy listening too at home, to relax on the road and to get you ready for the dancefloor?
I listen to all kinds of music from Burial to old 60’s music. Maybe to relax for example I love to listen to Pulshar or Cymande, an old band from the 70’s. Before I go out I love to listen to some classics & new stuff. I´m always ready for the dancefloor.

What’s your relationship with the Vakant crew?
For eight years I have been part of the Vakant crew and we still have a great relationship. The only problem is they all live in Berlin and my home is three hours away. I really hate the internet and the constant communication with telephones & computers. I’m not really interested in the www. which I know is really bad for a musician and DJ.

What are your thoughts about the GEMA threat on Berlin clubs currently?
I’m not sure if I’m curious or anxious about this GEMA story. Will it really destroy all the clubs in Berlin or will it push everything underground and be the start of a new scene? It could be a disaster or something else. We will have to see.

You’ve got a hotbed of remixes coming out on uponyou, Souvenir and Liebe & Detail. What remix tips and techniques can you share with those itching to know?
I love doing remixes. I think I’ve done more remixes than my own songs. I just listen to the original once and then to all the single sounds and then start with my mix. I don’t know which direction it will go but mostly I’m the man for the dancefloor. Nowadays we have enough of this bassline, slowstep music. We need more power music.

Finally, what other projects are you working on that we should know about?
My next big project is to get together with my friends from our band ’Karocel’ and get into the studio to produce our first album Hopefully it will be ready for Spring 2013 . I’m also working on a second record for my Japanese project ’Mathimidori’.

In a line up of epic proportions this Saturday also welcomes in Room One - Guy Gerber (live), Konrad Black, Shaun Reeves and DJ Tennis and in Room Three Tsuba Records take control.

Saturday 21st July

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