Max D & Ari Goldman's Collaboration, Beautiful Swimmers

Hailing from Washington DC, Beautiful Swimmers is the combo of Ari Goldman and Andrew Field-Pickering (who you probably should know better as Maxmillion Dunbar). And much like the beautiful serene, aquatic blue calm their name suggests, when they get together to create music in the studio they manage to channel a distinct feeling of sunshine that glimmers in their productions. Working their love of the vintage sounds of EBM, disco and deep, quirky house into the tracks they release predominantly on Field-Pickering’s co-owned Future Times imprint, they’re also dedicated crate diggers who take full advantage of the rich pickings found in their home town's record stores and flea markets. Obviously that’s a great state of mind for a DJ to be in, to be committed to music discovery regardless of age or trends, but Beautiful Simmers sets are actually compelling with the duo working the latest cuts from their peer stables like Moodhut and L.I.E.S into the patchwork of archival nuggets they’ve dug up.

This coming Saturday night they're both set to join Ali Tillett, Ollie Seaman and Myles Mears in Room Three for another all night long Warm session so we jumped at the opportunity to direct some questions towards the pair, to find out more about their back story, the latest news for Future Times and the latest editions to their crates.

I guess a good point to start would be at your meeting – how did that come about?

Ari: Our bands played a show together when we were 14 or 15 years old. No joke. After high school we ran into each other at the video store where I was working and started chilling a lot. The rest is history.

Andrew: We should etch something in stone.

What would you say each other brings to the table when you get in the studio? Like what are each of their talents and would you say it brings out something different in yourself?

Ari: Andrew is a wizard on the computer. And the computer is a bit intimidating to me to be honest. He'll often snag me sloppy jamming and make me sound way better than I am! Also, I don't know anyone as driven as Andrew to work on music so relentlessly. It's incredible! He's constantly working on new tunes for so many different projects in so many different styles. And everything is so killer! I'm just happy to be along for the ride [laughs].

Andrew: If I'm the computer wiz dork (I suppose I am) Ari's got to get shine for being the ‘Great Idea Man.’ Whether it be sloppy jamming or shining a light on a type of song or sensation we should try to come up with, he's got the touch. I just wake up and work on music every day of my life pretty much. I dunno what else to say!

Are you still putting on your own nights? Can you tell me a bit about what they’re like and how it compares say to a party you play over here in Europe? Is there much difference in the vibe and crowd?

Ari: We used to do a party here in DC called The Whale but we haven't done any events in a while. I'm getting older and sleepier. These days I'm way more in the watch TV on the couch with my girlfriend and dog zone. But we do play around town from time to time. And we have some really killer parties in DC!

Do you still like to get home early as you detailed in your FACT TV interview?

Ari: I like to get home early hahaha! When I watched that interview I think it came across a bit more negative than we intended. DC is a great place to be.

Andrew: Also, since that interview, there's been more and more cool late night behaviour around here! I also don't get out a ton. Working in clubs means that sometimes I don't...wanna be in clubs. Plus right now I'm grindinnnngggg with the studio hours.

Record Store day is coming round again have your feelings changed?

Ari: It's great for record stores! I work for one here in DC called Earcave. And we do really well on Record Store Day. It's fabulous that people want to support record stores. But the problems associated with it have probably gotten even worse. It's caused an insane traffic jam in the general flow of releasing records. But whatever, it's not really worth complaining about.

Andrew: As I get older I think it's easier for me to understand that, sometimes, things can be cool and shitty at the same time. Record Store Day is one of those things....

Have you picked up any particularly exciting vinyl finds recently?

Ari: Always! I found a cool South African disco compilation at the flea market this weekend! Picked up the new Wania 12" recently, a Ron Allen 12" on Stickman this week and just got a test pressing of the killer new Pender Street Steppers 12" on Mood Hut!

Andrew: I'm also always stocking up. I've been into that E-GZR Wania 12" a lot too, also the DJ Slugbug on LIES. I gripped Push/Pull – ‘Africa’ 12" this weekend, been after that for a while. Lots of "electronix" records for me lately too. Jazz joints. Duck Down youtubes.

What’s the latest news with Future Times? Have you got much planned for the year ahead? Spotted any new talents recently you’re keen to sign?

Andrew: I've actually got a ton planned for the rest of the year. There's gonna be another compilation, Vibe 3, with a gang of songs from a bunch of my fav producers, 12”s by Shanti Celeste and Jack J and a new Max D full length. There are some other 12”s, white labels and projects in the works that I can't announce just yet. In the short term, our next two 12”s are dropping soon, one by Japa Habilidoso out of Brazil and one by Mosey, a brand new beast from Texas.

You’re coming to see us in Farringdon later this month, what do you enjoy about London when you’re here?

Ari: We LOVE London! You all know how to get down! Can't say I'm so well versed in the city though. I love catching up with friends you don't see too often. Obviously checking out the record stores. Some delicious food options as well! Y’all have that Lion chocolate bar that I'm a big fan of!

Andrew: I'm a massive London fan! NTS peeps, Peckham crew, TTT and other pals in between. It always seems so tight when we come through.

"...sometimes, things can be cool and shitty at the same time..." - Max D


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