With the first release on Bristol's Tectonic imprint that has veered away from the deep dubstep sound the label has made an emphatic mark on the global music scene with, Brooklyn producer Pursuit Grooves has indelibly made her introduction. Fusing a plethora of styles into her sound on 'Foxtrot Mannerisms,' her debut album for the label, she creates a wholly emotive groove, peppering her boom bap drum signatures with vocals and raps to great effect; aptly producing a soulful mix of heady beats and accomplished songwriting.

Ahead of her live show in Room One on the 11th June we caught up with her to get a quick low down on what she's about and grab a quick chart of her new jack swing favourites.

For those that don’t know, who is Pursuit Grooves?
I am a music producer/ beat maker, MC/vocalist, DJ, live performance artist.... etc etc... A lover of things that are creative, progressive and fun; looking for soul in all the right places!

There are traces of a variety of sounds in your music from hip hop and funk to soul and disco and even dubstep; where would you say your music is rooted?
I was born in the Washington DC area and that's where my groove lies. I grew up listening to music that made you let loose and move a certain way. It's a certain swing and rhythm that makes you bounce. When I go home and catch the radio on a Friday or Saturday night, I'm in flashback heaven.

Is there any thread that you feel ties together all the music that you make?
It’s more of a feeling; making sense of the genres encompassed can be a bit much.

You work as an MC, a vocalist and a producer. Which came first?
MC. Producer. Vocalist.

Is there one that always takes precedence?
I love making music; that will always come first. Being an MC or vocalist is like extra sprinkles on top!

Is it difficult to decide which of your tracks to vocal and which to keep instrumental?
I can usually tell when I'm making it. I enjoy making instrumental tracks, though the ones with vocals always seem to get more attention...

You recently had an EP come out on the Tectonic imprint, which at first glance seems a bit of an unlikely pairing. How did that come about?
Pinch and I connected on the land of Myspace, which actually still works occasionally! Sometimes it’s cool to check what’s happening next door if you feel the walls shaking. I'm happy I shook the walls loud enough and got his attention!

Do you think that you have much of an affinity with UK music?
The thing I love about the UK is that there are always new genres popping up, like hybrids of past things with a new twist. I seem to have a connection with this vibe because my music tends to be a hybrid of this soulful urban electronic club music.... I feel like they understand what I'm doing. At least I think so! It appears that they have an appreciation for things that don't quite fit into one particular section, which is a bit harder to find in the States.

Have you played much in the UK before?
I played at CDR at Plastic People last year which was really cool. The sound system there is ace.

What does your live setup consist of?
An SP 505 and a microphone. I keep it simple to travel with. Plus it’s what I use as my production base so I'm very comfortable with it. The buttons are perfect for my live playing as well and I like that no one else is using it! That wasn't my point but that's just the case.

Are you looking forward to your set in Room One at fabric?
Extremely; I just hope people get there early enough to catch me.... they really should!

We heard a whisper that you're big into new jack swing... Would you mind collating a few of your favourites for us?
Sure... I could have picked so many more but this represents the new jack era in feel, dress and sound. Enjoy!

1. Guy - Groove Me

2. Bell Biv Devoe - Poison

3. Mary J Blige - Real Love

4. Michael Jackson - Remember the Time

5. Heavy D & The Boyz - We Got Our Own Thang

6. Father MC ft. Jodeci - Treat Em Like They Want to Be Treated

Catch Pursuit Grooves playing live at the launch of the Tectonic residency at FABRICLIVE on Friday 11th June in Room One.

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