Sable Sheep and his fabric x Demo Mix

Sometimes an artist's formative musical influences come from some of the most surprising of places; places which don't have such a linear relationship to the music they go on to create themselves. It’s undoubtedly different for everyone depending on one’s early exposure to sounds whether it was osmosis via an older brother's rave tapes or through the influence of the neighbourhood garage bands.

Sable Sheep throws up a surprise riffing on this theme when we asked him to introduce himself, finding a clear line from the metal bands of his youth to his techno production today. He must be getting something right, as he's already, after just a short few years of releasing records, become a firm part of the Moon Harbour family and the Desolat roster. He's also set to make his Farringdon debut in a couple of weekend’s time after being invited by Eddie Richards and Terry Francis to showcase his take on four four up in the Demo hosted Room Three…

Download: Sable Sheep fabric x Demo Mix

So firstly can you introduce yourself to our readers who may not be familiar with what you do yet?
This is Sable Sheep. I release on labels like Desolat, Be As One and Defected and I'm part of the Moon Harbour family.

Where was it exactly that you first connected with music and decided that you wanted to take it futher?
Starting with classic piano and drums at a young age I ended up in a studio with several synthesizers and Ableton Live. It's been always clear to me that I wanted music to be a main part of my life and that's what I'm doing everyday now.

It’s interesting that you cite people like Slipknot as your influences – what was it about them and your other early influences that got you hooked?
I come from metal music and Slipknot has always been the greatest band for me. Emotionwise, inspirationwise, everythingwise... Artists like Corey Taylor or Serj Tankian inspirated me to start my metal band and to practice vocal / shouting techniques almost every free minute I had.

Their music and the house music world you’re now part of seem so far apart – how did you then make your progression into making electronic music?
This might sound weird to some people, but techno and metal move me in a very similar way. The energy feels similar, that straight intransigence.

Eddie Richards and Terry Francis are the ones who’ve invited you to make your fabric debut – how much have you looked up to them in the past?
If it comes to house music it's absolutely impossible to NOT know Eddie and Terry and their music. I'm really looking forward to finally meet them in person!

You’ve already released on some of the most respected labels out there including Moon Harbour and Desolat – what’s next in the release schedule?
New tunes coming on Desolat and Moon Harbour and a remix for my homie Pirupa on Moan. Moreover I'm hitting the studio with my metal band next month. Can't wait to show this to the public.

Can you tell us about the mix you’ve prepared for us how much does it represent what you’ll be playing in Room three?
These days I'm slightly more into straighter techno stuff, and that's what my mix is all about.


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