The hotly tipped talent Secondcity is an artist who seemingly thrived in his very first year of musical pursuit. Simply put, from day dot, the boy's done good. Gliding between house and techno for major imprints like Strictly Rhythm and Saints & Sonnets, collaborating with Route 94 and playing a plethora of parties like the seminal FWD>> by the end of year two, he released the infectious ‘I Wanna Feel’ on Columbia. Yes, he's done extremely well, very quickly indeed and thankfully he continues to flourish, dropping his latest release, Feel It, on Saved Records just a few weeks back alongside a 12 date UK tour.

Preparing for what promises to be a busy year ahead (one that includes a tour across the US) he kindly offered to answer a few probing questions ahead of his date here in Farringdon next month (13th March) so we could officially introduce him before he make his return to Room One.

Can you tell us about your first contact with music – what kind of music were you brought up on?

I grew up in a very musical household and was exposed to all sorts of sounds from a young age from jazz to funk, house and hip hop.

And then how did that move to the place you are now – in the world of electronic music?

I started producing and DJing from a young age where I was constantly experimenting but house music was something I always gravitated towards. Probably due to the fact that my mum used to play a lot of Pete Heller, Kevin Saunderson and radio shows from Tony Humphries, so I guess it was a natural progression.
"I try not to see things as challenges but more as part of the journey and learning curve."

What have been the best moments and greatest challenges so far?

I’d say my best moments have been playing alongside some of my favourite artists such as Guti, Nic Fanciulli, Robert Dietz, Andrea Olivier and being able to release music on such respected and established labels. Also, being able to travel the world doing what I love. I try not to see things as challenges but as part of the journey and a learning curve.

Can you tell us a bit about Chicago and how you are connected to the scene there?

I grew up in Chicago as a kid but was too young to be properly exposed to the scene there. Although, I guess the energy was absorbed and a lot of music was passed down through my parents.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to these past few months? 

I’ve just released an EP for Saved Records and a remix for both Nice7 and  Mendo which will be coming out soon. I've also been working on solo stuff as well as some exciting collaborations with Rafa Barrios, Kydus, Mark Fanciulli and Solarris to name a few.

Can you share with what plans or aspirations you have laid out for yourself to achieve in 2015?

I’m currently doing my UK tour which stretches across 12 cities but I'll be doing my first shows in the US in March alongside Route 94. I'll be playing EDC in Mexico later this month tooand I have some really decent gigs lined up throughout the summer. In terms of music, I'm going to continue to release and work with more labels and artists who have inspired me throughout my career. It's a busy time ahead!


Friday 13th March

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