Introducing...Session Victim + their fabric Promo Mix

It was around 97 that Berlin/Hamburg combo Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling aka Session Victim first got inspired by the deep-pocket rhythm of house music and began collecting records and DJing together. The Session Victim sound is a marriage of funky and groovy backroom house elements, punctuating snatches of disco, funk and jazz sample drops as is prized in their debut long-player ‘The Haunted House of House’ on Delusions Of Grandeur released earlier this year in a three part vinyl release.

They’ve enjoyed staying unpredictable in their musical journey, unplanned and in-the-moment when it comes to their live performance, combining improvisational zest with technical rigor and taking you on a reckless abandon at our Farringdon disco in a bedlam of anticipated appearances from Dixon, October and Joy Orbison all on August 25th.

Read on to hear how Session Victim has received the album feedback so far, as well as details on their live show, future releases and remixes, including an occasional edit of a country song. We're victims of a house attack in this particularly unhesitating promo mix they've delivered for us and you can download after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Session Victim fabric Promo Mix

For those who don’t know your history so far. Can you tell us a little bit about how you met and founded Session Victim?
We are Hauke and Matthias. We met around ‘97 in our hometown Lüneburg and we started collecting records and DJing at the same time. We’ve always hung out and spun together since then. Our first original joint happened around Christmas 2006 and things started to fall into place.

Any particular meaning behind the Session Victim name?
We suddenly had it and liked it. When we’re sequencing together, we never plan anything. Sometimes we work on a beat for days and never get satisfied with it and sometimes we find a sample on an old record and it’s just two and half hours later everything fits right from the start. We love that, it’s all so unpredictable.

You’re bringing your live show to Room One at the end of the month. Can you tell us how you’ve been perfecting it over the years and a little of what we can expect...without ruining the surprise?
You ’re going to see two serious dudes who play what they mean and mean what they play. We will not just hit start and rotate the filter knob and we will forever not be checking emails.

Can you describe your sound for us? Who do you take influence from the old and new generation of house?
We have been influenced by so many producers and records over the years, it’s hard to pick a few. Nick Holder and his DNH label had and still have a big impact on us, and what Ron Basejam recently did to that White Lamp song was totally inspiring. But that’s two names out of two thousand.

Can you tell us about your LP 'The Haunted House Of House' released on Delusions Of Grandeur. How have you received the feedback since its release?
We have been spoiled with awesome feedback and this has been the most rewarding thing for us. It’s great that with the album we have reached people that are not only DJs and crossed over to some listeners that are normally not much into dance music.

Can you introduce the promo mix you’ve kindly put together for us?
If we had a car we would probably like to listen to the mix there and might get this or that speeding ticket. These tracks are currently in our record bag and have been tearing up some floors. We used the most sophisticated technical equipment to mix it up: a couple Technics MK2s and Ecler Nuo with EQs that crackles a little.

How are you looking forward to playing alongside Joy Orbision and Dixon in Room One on August 25th?
It’s crazy, we’re trippin’ and you already knew. That’s why you ask. We are really thankful and feel honoured - legendary club, the biggest names and an excited, determined victim.

What other exciting projects do you have coming up that we should keep an eye out for?
We just released our cover of “Harlequin” on Retreat (RTR11). Remixes for Volta Cab, Pascal Viscardi, Rainer Trüby and Chris Baio will be out in the next weeks. We will work on more original tracks for Delusions of Grandeur and Retreat and do an occasional edit of a country song or so.

Finally, how do you both enjoy your time away from the darkness of the clubs?
Going record digging, having huge breakfasts, hanging with our friends, fantasizing about music gear we’d love to get.We both also have jobs which means it’s sometimes hard to find time to do many of these things besides work and music.

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