Someone You Might Already Know Under A Different Name, DJ Riot

Sometimes, in order to for an artist to pursue their musical vision, they'll need more than one outlet for their creativity. With each of those projects might come a different identity, a style and a sound that people can associate a name with. Rui Pité is one artist who's a prime example of a talent who's spread his music making capacities out across a number of different outlets. From his work with the award-winning Portuguese power house Buraka Som Sistema to his solo output as DJ Riot, Rui has been working tirelessly for almost ten years now. Both are representative of his heritage but while Buraka exudes more of that carnival, kudoro flavour, his work as DJ Riot fully delves into the octane territories of UK bass music.

We were fully excited to have Rui grace our haunt back in June when Buraka performed their stellar live show in Room One and we're just as eager for his upcoming debut in Room Two as DJ Riot so we fired over a few of our probing questions so we could offcially introduce him to you ahead of the event. He also made an exclusive mixtape to outline his sonics, sonically...

Download: DJ Riot - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

So first up, to help those who might not have heard of you before get to know you, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what it is that you do?

DJ Riot: I hail from the city of Lisbon, Portugal and I'm a musician and producer for Buraka Som Sistema

And how would you best describe your sound?

It's a mix between Africa and Portugal with two tablespoons of UK bass.

How did you first come into contact with electronic music?

Besides crappy house music on some radio stations, my first real contact with electronica was with The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. I come from a more of a rock background, so listening to that kind of energy was a really good introduction.

And then how did that move to the place you are now – in the world of electronic music? Who or what influenced you?

I started to listen to more electronic music after that and then I heard Roni Size's New Forms. That made me a fan of the music, but it was only when I  listened to Photek's 'Ni Ten Ichi Ryu' that I decided that this was what I wanted to do for a living. Later on I got the chance to officially remix it which was an honour!

Can you tell us a little bit about the city of Lisbon and how it’s musical heritage has shaped your sound? How does the scene over there differ to London?

Lisbon is really an entry point in Europe, for a lot of the Portuguese speaking coming from ex-colonies, which pretty much makes it a giant melting pot of culture and habits. Growing up in Amadora (the Lisbon suburbs) and going to school with people from Cape Verde, India, Mozambique and Angola made me listen to a lot of different music genres and absorb a lot of different cultures. Branko grew up with me in the same area so I guess we could say that this is actually the same for both of us.

And what about your work with Buraka Som Sistema, – can you tell us a bit about you role within the collective? How do those projects differ from your own solo pursuits?

Me, Branko, Conductor and Kalaf created Buraka back in 2006. We felt the need to fill a "hole" in the Portuguese music scene. We felt that the sound coming from the suburbs of Lisbon was still very much underground despite the fact that it was all around us! So we decided to make some kuduro edits, mixing it with a more European style of techno/house and glue it together with some heavyweight basslines! It worked.

In my solo thing I tend to explore more the mix between the drum & bass/jungle Sound and African electronica which is a very big scene full of different styles and flavours!

You’re playing in Room Two next month, can you tell us a bit about how you execute your sets? Do you mould your sets around the vine of the lineup or just go with what feels right on the night?

I do a mix of both really. I think it's a beautiful thing when a DJ adapts to the situation and changes a little bit of his set accordingly but within his sound and his identity.

What else is going on with you at the moment? What other aspirations have you laid for the rest of 2015 and into next year?

I've been working a lot with Mikal, doing stuff for Metalheadz, C4C recordings and basically trying to create loads of tunes with him. It's a partnership that really works. I'm also preparing a solo album and the final Buraka 10 Years Tour...

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