Standard Place

If you’ve watched the Boiler Room before (these guys were one of the original crews present on the outfit) then chances are you’ll know what and who Standard Place is or are. For those of you who haven’t, Standard Place is simply a London based party, run by four like minded guys from different corners of the capital. The most high profile member is Rinse FM DJ and fabric regular, Oneman, but he’s flanked graciously by his emcee (and the night’s consistent host) ASBO, and the combined talents of DJs Reecha and Jon Rust.

One could note that all four members seem to be united in a love of the old school garage sound that was supremely popular at a very formative time for them, but aside from the obvious musical ties the crew are bound by a desire to create intimate atmospheres for likeminded party goers. Their residency at one of Dalston’s most popular basements is regularly one in one out by midnight and the one off specials they’ve thrown often turn up some of London’s must see lineups. So to introduce the guys proper before their debut Room Three takeover on the 9th December, we’re embedding this here video (which features Oneman and Reecha providing the opening gambit)...

Catch Standard Place in Room Three on the 9th December with their guests French Fries and Ossie.

Friday 9th December

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