Sven Tasnadi and his fabric Promo Mix

Born in Leipzig 1978, Sven Tasnadi has been a purveyor of electronic music for over two decades now. The German artist first began DJing in 1995, cutting his teeth during the pinnacle of Chicago and acid house before progressing into minimal at the dawn of the millennium to quickly become a resident at two local techno clubs with a number of appearances at Berlin’s celebrated Tresor club enjoyed along the way.

With 10 years of DJing under his belt the Tasnadi’s path soon crossed with the likes of Daniel Stefanik and Matthias Tanzmann, a relationship that developed into a close friendship plus an inaugural vinyl release on Moon Harbour’s sub-imprint, Cargo Edition. Soon after the German's sound saw signings to the likes of Liebe*Detail, Smallville and even Sven Väth’s legendary Cocoon imprint in 2010. Nowadays Tasnadi can be found releasing on the likes of Moon Harbour, 2020Vision and Lost Records when not making appearances across the continent with his acclaimed DJ and live sets. Ahead of his appearance in Farringdon this Saturday we got in touch to have a chat.

Download: Sven Tasnadi - fabric Promo Mix

What was it like growing up in Leipzig?

I was born in 1978 and up until 1990 I grew up in a country that no longer exists. Then, I was only casually interested in music until I was about 13. When I was 15 I snuck into my first underground club here in Leipzig. There was actually a quite early techno scene with clubs like Distillery (which is still open), Basis or Opera and everyone played there.

Which artists and labels were you listening to back in the 90s?

When I started making music in in 1995 I was a big fan of DJ Mishja, Robert Armani, Emmanuel Top, Josh Wink, Dave Clark, Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth and labels such as X-Trax, Le Petit Prince, Attack although I am not really a vinyl collector. I don’t buy music for the sake of it. Only if I like it and really need it.

How would you describe the scene over there today?

From 1995 to the present it sure has changed a lot. In just the last ten years, the Leipzig scene has grown and become very versatile. Before there were not nearly as many clubs and events. Today the number of labels and producers has grown too. Now we have people like Matthias Tanzmann, Daniel Stefanik, Lake People, Juno6, Map.ache & Sevensol and some other internationally known DJs and producers who come from the city.

Are there any artists out there at the moment that are particularly impressing you?

Due to a constant stream of new artists it's pretty difficult to say but the ones whose music that I actually buy and play are Deetron, Kink, Doorly, Phil Weeks, Christian Nielsen, DJ Sneak and Nikola Gala.

Having been so involved in the industry for such a long time what would you say the greatest moments and biggest challenges have been?

For me one of the best moments was when Sven Väth played my track ‘Waiting for you (Again)’ from my EP on Smallville Records in Ibiza 2009. Later he licensed it for his ‘Sound Of’ mix series. This had a great meaning for me personally. Later, I was invited by Sven to Cocoon Club in Frankfurt. One of the greatest moments of my career.

The biggest challenge was surely the transition from vinyl releases towards digital. I had my first vinyl release in early 2007, the year when sales of vinyl began to decline heavily worldwide. As a new artist it was difficult to accept, that each new release sells less and less. No one really understood why this was happening so quickly. No one really knew where it was going. Everybody was accustomed to vinyl and the digital business structures were not as mature as they are today.

What have you been up to over the last months?

I had my first release on 2020 Vision in January. My first on an UK label. I'm glad about the work together with Ralph and I will make more EPs there. I have been busy making lots of remixes and finished my first club album.

How about the future? Have you got any releases or projects in store that you’d like to mention?

I just got my EP on Moon Harbour Recordings that’s going to be released soon, ‘My Groove feat. Gjeazon’ with great remixes by Doorly and Christian Nielsen. In May my first dancefloor album, All In will be released, also on Moon Harbour. I'm really looking forward to the gig at fabric, one of the most famous and best clubs in the world.

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