Troy Gunner & His FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

A true artist should constantly progress their sound, modifying and reshaping their style as they absorb their surroundings and take inspiration from the people and the places that shape their day to day life. Their music is often a projection of where they are at currently – an actual and real extension of themselves - so it seems at least odd that we often question and criticise change. Bristol-based producer Troy Gunner is someone who we've followed closely for a while now. His early material gifted his brand of dark and percussively influenced techno to boutique labels like Electro Magnetic Fields, Mindset and Voyager while his latest productions, though they do still bear those bass tempered and percussive undertones, are certainly more, as he himself describes "dancefloor focussed". Releases thus far have landed on powerhouse Black Butter Records, Hypercolour's offshoot Losing Suki and, most recently, Mak & Pasteman's Materials imprint. So while a transition is somewhat apparent, we feel it's less of a conscious attempt to cater for more widely acceptable tastes but rather representative of where he feels he's at musically.

So with Troy set to make his awaited debut here in Room One on Friday 11th September, we probed him with a few questions so we could officially introduce him. He's also kindly recorded an exclusive new mix to give us some clarification of his current persuasion and to mark exactly the kind of four four dynamics he'll be gracing our Martin Audio rig with come September.

Download: Troy Gunner - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Can you tell us about your first contact with music – what kind of music were you brought up on?

Troy Gunner: Listening to old rave tapes and dub vinyl with my Dad. He used to do security for festivals back before I was born and is my best mate. A friend of his put me on a pair of decks when I was really young - about 5 or so. I started playing guitar when I was 8 too and used to jam every day with one of my brothers who is a drummer - primarily rock and acoustic stuff. So for as long as I remember I've always wanted to be involved with music.

And then how did that move to the place you are now – in the world of electronic music?

I discovered drum & bass at around 15, got a pair of decks and started collecting records. Naturally I found dubstep from there, then house and techno. I've been obsessed with all sorts of stuff ever since - especially jazz and classical as of recently, which my brother has put me on to. He's the best musician I know. I feel like if I'm not in to a certain type of music then I'll miss out on something. Of course, continuity in a string of releases is important but I like that whenever I put something out it's a curve away from the previous. Being versatile keeps me healthy, interested and alert.

"It's cliché but I don't like to pigeon-hole my sound. To define is to limit."

Bristol’s a city with an iconic place in the UK’s musical heritage – what’s your experience of the city been? 

I moved here with my mates Jammo and Tommy from My Nu Leng when I was about 19 or so, after going out to Thekla nights that our mate Pat runs. We got some sets together and then a house together. I met Jamie from Hypercolour/Hype PR a few years after that and have been working for him since, which I also love.

How would you compare the material, sound and style that you're releasing now to your first productions?

Unpredictable. But also far more dancefloor focussed and vintage. It's cliché but I don't like to pigeon-hole my sound. To define is to limit. I like hearing these modern day descriptions of people use to understand certain scenes though. I take influence from any pre-existing genre of music that I can wrap my ears around - so it would be unfair to ever call it one thing.

Do you think it’s been quite a natural progression for you? Has anything or anyone informed this progression?

Yes, loads of things - mostly heartbreak if I'm honest! There's nothing more inspiring than dark times. That and meeting new people with alternative takes on life and music - taking a pinch from each as I progress. Hopefully I'll be making a type of music this time next year I haven't even heard of yet.

Can you tell us a bit about your latest release and collaboration with Woz? How did that come about?

I started sending him tunes after watching him play at Motion a few times. Jammo & Tommy always vouched for his ability so I checked out his tunes and they were still underground enough for me to vibe off them, but being played in huge rooms - which ticks my boxes. We're in the studio together quite a lot working on our WxT material. We're soon to have our first 3 track EP coming out on Materials, which is Mak & Pasteman's label. It's coming out on vinyl too which we've agreed is central to this particular project.

Production wise, what else have you got forthcoming?

I've been in the studio with a vocalist called Youth. Other than that, there should be another EP as WxT with Woz soon enough. Then I'm working towards my next solo one. There's some more stuff coming on Black Butter too.

Finally, you've recorded us an exclusive mix can you tell us a bit about how you approached your track selection?

It's a crop from the more autumnal and cinematic tracks I'm feeling at the moment. Long slow intro pieces for the headphones, slowly burning into the faster club tracks as it opens up. A blend of classics I'd typically play with some exclusive tackle I locked down for the mix. I've also included a track of my own that I made especially to fit in (and to play at fabric). There's a new collaboration in there I finished the other day with My Nu Leng too.

Troy Gunner - FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

Appleblim - Auburn Blaze
Piezo - The Mandrake
Akkord - Smoke Circle
Moduleset - Point
Troy Gunner - Esperanza
Simo Cell - Cellar Door
Numa Crew - Control (Piezo & D-Operation Drop Remix)
Pangaea - Stimulant Dub
Moth - Vendor
WxT (Woz & Troy Gunner) - Hudson Moore
Wen & Riko - Play Your Corner
Kowton - On Repeat
Akkord - Folded Edge
My Nu Leng & Troy Gunner - The War
Burial - Truant

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