Weiss and his fabric Promo Mix

One of Toolroom Records’ finest protégé’s, Weiss, is an electric dynamo that’s stormed straight out of Surrey and into the very heart of house music’s formidable circuit. Playing alongside the likes of Bashmore, Green Velvet and of course, Toolroom boss, Mark Knight, Weiss has only been releasing records for two years now,  but is no doubt establishing a solid and exciting music career for years to come. Dropping in at our clubbing locale this month, we linked with the Weiss to officially introduce him ahead of his debut and grab an exclusive new mix along the way.

Download: Weiss x fabric Promo Mix

Hey Weiss, how are you today?
I’m really good thanks, this week has been really productive, I’m just on a flight at the moment heading to Romania for a gig.

You recently got back from Miami right? How was that for you?
It was really good! A group of us went together, rented an apartment and had a lot of fun! I played at Trade with Green Velvet, Julio Bashmore and Tiga, which was such a cool night, the sound system was immense in there, and on Friday I played a really fun pool party at the Raleigh Hotel for Toolroom Knights. The sun was shining so I couldn’t complain but the craziest thing was going to Space Friday morning for a champagne breakfast!

So if you could introduce yourself to some of our readers who might not have heard of you, how would you describe your sound and what you do?
I’m a producer & DJ from Surrey just outside of London. My sound is very chunky with an old school house feel to it. I like to call it ‘House Music with balls’ haha. It’s a feel good kind of sound with chunky beats, heavy bass & quirky sounds.

And how long have you been producing and DJ’ing as Weiss?
About 2 years now. I’ve only been djing as Weiss for about a year but producing as Weiss for about two years.

How did you get involved with the guys at Toolroom Records?
I’ve always had a great relationship with the guys at Toolroom but we’ve nurtured this project together since day one. They have a great work ethic and working with them on a day-to-day basis is an absolute pleasure.

Other than house and techno, what other music do you listen to?
I’m very eclectic when it comes to my tastes in music. It all depends on how I feel as to what I listen to. I have to wake up to Classical music every morning, I guess when I drive I like to listen to Paul Simon, Prince, Metallica, London Grammar, anything Motown and you can’t go wrong with a bit of 70’s disco (too many to name) I have a strong passion for that!

If you could select a few artists or tracks you’re rating right now, what would they be?
I’m loving Ten Walls ‘Walking With Elephants’ and I’m really digging Detroit Swindle and Lowerdose at the moment too, there’s a real healthy amount of exciting producers around.

You’re playing at fabric alongside next month. How does it feel to be playing at fabric for the first time and what can we expect from your set?
To be honest, it’s a dream come true! I’ve always wanted to play at fabric for years and for me it’s one of the few clubs in London that has never sold out just to follow trends, it just oozes coolness, it’s all about quality music. I’ve got some brand new Weiss productions to road test including some forthcoming Weiss remixes, so looking forward to seeing the reaction to those.

What’s in the pipeline for 2014? Any releases in the works?
Yes there’s loads to come this year! I’ve just finished a Tube & Berger remix for their record ‘Come On Now (Set It Off)’. I’m also working on a remix for MK which is pretty cool, my follow up single to ‘The Guitar Man’ and we’re planning an album / LP for later in the year. Oh and I’m going to be collaborating with Green Velvet and also Kenny Dope in the coming months!

Finally, can you tell us a little bit about the mix you’ve just delivered to us?
Yes it’s pretty much what you’ll hear in one of my sets. I’ve tried to showcase a typical two-hour Weiss DJ set into a one-hour mix so people who haven’t heard me before get a good taste of what I’m about, but you’ll get the picture. There are a few hidden gems on the mix including some unheard Weiss material, plus plenty of brand new promos from some cool producers and friends.


Saturday 10th May

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