Hailing from Manchester, xxxy - pronounced triple x y, first caught fabric Records A&R dept’s attention with his releases on Formant and Mindset recordings. Subsequently his track ‘Sing With Us’ became a core part of our recent ‘Elevator Music’ compilation. Spanning the serially abused no-man’s-land between house, dubstep and garage he’s sitting on the edge of a whole bunch more releases with the first set to hit shops later this month.

“Since the Elevator Music launch I’ve been travelling all round the UK playing all sorts of wierd and wonderful venues...” he tells us over a snatched AIM conversation, “...and writing tunes, and making mixes, sometimes eating... there’s been some sleep too. Cambridge was mad; I couldn’t get in the door it was that full and in Edinburgh I was playing in a swanky cocktail bar with champagne table service!”

His release schedule for the next couple of months is looking similarly busy too: “First up is the Pollen release ‘Rain’ which is backed with a Jack Sparrow remix; then there’s ‘Know You’ & ‘Blue Flashing Lights’ on the Infrasonics split 12 with Ike Release and an EP on Fortified Audio will follow that… and then ‘You Always Start It’ is coming out on Steakhouse.”

Ahead of his imminent slot in Room Three on the 23rd April – where he shares the bill with recently profiled DJ, Braiden, broken beat godfathers Bugz In The Attic and the ‘Sincere’ overlord MJ Cole – he’s provided us with an exclusive track for us to service the world with in anticipation.

Download: xxxy – JFY (fabric Blog Exclusive)

For a further introduction to his music you can check his recent BBQ mix here:

Photo: Mat Ranson

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