Kenneth Christiansen On The Full Spectrum of Echocord Colour...

Danish DJ Kenneth Christiansen’s most recent inspiration Echocord Colour is the sub-label of the wonderfully deep and dubby Echocord and has opened its vinyl sleeve to ten vibrant and colourful releases, with artists of all sounds and backgrounds. Over the past two years, the imprint has progressed into one of the preeminent outlets for deviant and devilishly good dub techno. In light of the Echocord Room Three takeover this Saturday - alongside Resoe plus two live performances from Brendon Moeller and Substance - we decided to get a digestible down low on its sub-label's history…straight from Mr Christiansen himself.

I started the Echocord sublabel in 2008. After running the Echocord label for 6 years, at that time it was time to start a sister label. I decided to start because I wanted to release stuff that I think was not really for Echocord, and also because I like a lot of other styles and genres, which still are in the dub-universe. Besides Dub-Techno I've always been influenced by the Detroit sound and also the new Dubstep sound. So this new label is not only dedicated to Dub-Techno but can be more Detroit, Dubstep or more Techno, like the modern sound of Berlin today.

So far artists like Onmutu Mechanicks, Sebastien San, Quantec, Mikkel Metal, Luke Hess vs Marko Fürstenberg, Pattern Repeat, Brendon Moeller and Deadbeat vs. Fenin. The next releases will be a little more Techno orientated; artists like Luke Hess vs. Omar S, Marcel Dettmann vs Norman Nodge and Mike Dehnert are working on new material for the Echocord Sublabel.

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