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Brendon Moeller

Aside from DJing all over the world and producing critically acclaimed trippy techno licks, Brendon Moeller is a family man. This year he’s arrived at a crossroad in his music career where the wrong turn could have dangerous consequences. The kinds of questions that’ll be keeping him up all night: ‘Huggies’ for that natural feel or ‘Pampers’ for the active baby? Should I be getting one of those expensive Maclaren Pushchairs for the most comfortable ride on the market? What kind of baby food is going to have some kind of staying power once stomach bound? Ah…these are exciting times for any DJ. So aside from being a new father, DJ and producer, what else gets this South African's juices flowing? We thought we’d fire a few bog standard questions his way about tennis, curry, crisps and babies...

So, how’s the new addition to the family settling in? Girl or boy?
My son Gabriel is settling in really well and already sleeping from midnight to 8am which any parent knows is a godsend after only 2 months! He's a very chill lad most of the time, except when he wants his bottle.

Which milestone would you like to see your baby reach first: walk, talk or spinning its first tunes on a pair of Technics 1210s?
Haha! I'd say spinning tunes on the Technics 1210's would be ace 'cause then I could upload a video to youtube, get ten million hits and have Gabriel be picked up by a talent scout or win a truckload of cash on America's Got Talent! :)

I’m told you have an unhealthy obsession with all things curry. What’s your curry of choice?
Well, I'd say an Indian or Thai style Masaman pork curry tops the bill. Of course I'd be a happy camper with fiery Vindaloo, a red or green Thai curry or the delicious Vietnamese beef rendang curry!

Have you ever been ballsy enough to take on the Phall? Considerably spicier than a Vindaloo…
Hmmm, I have not! Perhaps a visit to  Brick Lane Curry House in New York is in order. Apparently they have a "P'Hall of Fame!"

I’m also told you also eat a lot of crisps. What is the Brendon Moeller flavour of choice?
Last time I was in the UK I had the pleasure of being bought a bag of Nando's Peri Peri which I thought was bloody marvelous. Honestly though, I dont have a flavour of choice - variety is the spice of life, and crisps!

We also heard through the grapevine that you're a tennis nut and have recently been to the US open. Who would you like to see lift the trophy?
I'm a massive Federer fan, so I'm obviously happy for him to take the trophy. That said though, I am waiting for somebody to rise to the top ranks who possesses the style, grace, skill and finesse of Federer.

How did the American public react when Andy Roddick was beaten at the very last hurdle at Wimbledon in an agonising final against Federer?
I'd say they weren't to surprised as Roddick's track record against Fed is overwhelmingly one-sided!

All tennis aside, come celebrate the arrival of mini Moeller on 26 September, as Brendon comes to touch down on our Room One soundsystem. We'd advise you grab a curry before arriving, to get in the proper Moeller spirit.

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