London Unlocked
In Support of the Music Venue Trust

Over the past few months, behind closed doors we have been working to present our Cultural Recovery Fund (CRF) projects, London Unlocked, Limited Edition and Between the Noise. We feel massively privileged to have been awarded the grant and to be able to look to the future with some hope and optimism after what has been a hugely challenging time for everyone.

Back in October when the decision was announced, the support given to us by Music Venues Trust (MVT) since the start of the pandemic has been just incredible. The way in which MVT kept all venues up to date with the ever-changing guidance has been invaluable to us and to countless other music venues across the UK.

MVT represents hundreds of UK Grassroots Music Venues (GMVs). They have been working round the clock to secure as much funding as possible for these spaces in the CRF awards. Sadly though, not everyone was able to secure funding but still are vitally important. They’re the places that support new talent and employ staff in roles as varied as sound engineers to glass collectors.

MVT has announced a new phase of its successful #saveourvenues campaign, which is focussed on securing the future of 20 venues who were deemed ineligible to receive funding from the government backed CRF.

If you’re in a position to help support this campaign, throughout our streaming events for London Unlocked then please donate to the #savethe20 campaign.

Donate here

Read about #savethe20 here

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