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With Autonomic, what started off as a podcast series has launched into a global movement of sorts, a reawakening for any junglists around the interweb whose interest has faded and waned. From podcasts to club nights to whatever their bright future may hold, Autonomic is an eye-opening and inspired collaboration between D-Bridge, a rebel in the face of an often judgmental scene, and the deeply-rooted musicality of the Instra:mental duo, collectively Alex Green and Damon Kirkhamduo. It’s a celebration of music and influences, with no lines drawn or genres considered; a warm and emotive embrace of all things deep, lush and intricate.

As for Autonomic’s first invasion at FABRICLIVE last month (equipped with the vanguard Werk Discs’ boss Actress and his imaginative label mate Lukid) - know what, adjectives defy us. So instead of struggling to type a review that will righteously sum up the night, we decided a picture says a thousand words...we'll leave you with a word count of 10,000 here.

(by the way, big props to Jimmy Mould for the photo essay - check out more of his work here if your eyes are hungry.)


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