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I just got wind of some news that made me giddy for a minute. Though I profess to be the unflappable type, something about Calibre’s music has and always will reduce me to a dribbly fan-boy upon hearing a couple of bars. After dabbling at different tempos sporadically over the years, Calibre will be releasing a complete downtempo project later this month on his own Signature Records, entitled ‘Shine A Light’, and it would be fair to say we’re excited to hear it.

This is the first sniff we’ve had of the album, and it sounds incredible.

On hearing the news, we’ve spent half the morning recapping some of our favourite Calibre moments over the years, and, currently blind-drunk on his music, I’m declaring him the best D&B producer of his generation, there I’ve said it.  His catalogue is so deep, you could argue day and night for the rest of time what his best five tracks are, but I got a bit carried away and decided to pick five of my favourite from his D&B pomp.

Enjoy a little selection, waste half an hour to this; it’ll be the best half hour of your day, guaranteed.

‘Put That Woman First’.  A well-earned, high-profile remix that does wonders to the fetid original. Jaheim hated it apparently so it only ever got released on white, what does Jaheim know? On a remix tip, huge props also to his remix of ‘Global Love’.

‘Fire and Water’: the definition of dubby liquid drum & bass.

‘Feeling Happy’, because it’s the embodiment of how beautiful and soul-enhancing drum & bass can be.

‘Mr Majestic’, a hook up with High Contrast – what a combination – and the result is absolutely devastating.  This used to turn Swerve into a mosh pit.

Last but not least, though it might be sacrelidge to leave out ‘Drop It Down’, I’ve plumped for his other collaboration with MC Fats, a better tune all round in my humble opinion.

Self-indulgence can be a lot of fun. So, bonus ball, one of my favourite cuts off his amazing debut album, ‘Musique Concrete.’

Now go buy everything with his name on it from here.

Calibre plays in Room Two for Soul:ution on Friday November 20.

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