Most Wanted
Black Asteroid's Pursuit Of The Perfect Tour Boots

For our latest Most Wanted feature we tapped up Bryan Black, aka Black Asteroid to tell us what's the most prized item on his want list. It turns out that after dedicating hours on a personal obsession to find the ultimate tour boot, he's recently acquired his dream item, which he relays for us below as he looks forward to returning to Room Two (on the 2nd May) along with his direct and deadly approach to techno.

Black Asteroid: I always thought the notion of wearing shiny, bright tennis shoes to a club at 2am kinda weird. For me, when I’m going into battle, I don’t want to worry about people stepping on my pristine white soles.

I was introduced to Rick Owens after hearing my music on his catwalk. I followed his work and was immediately drawn to the leather jackets and slim cut jeans. After a couple of seasons, I discovered his boots. Everyone seems transfixed on his shoes (sometimes referred to as techno boots, but mostly worn by the tech-house elite). For me however, I needed something even more rugged for the road.

It took me nearly 2 years to find the exact model from the 2012 collection that I was after. Just recently I acquired them and broke them in over a 3 day weekend of gigs and parties in Chicago. They never left my feet except for the few hours I was asleep.


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