Most Wanted
Clockwork's Ongoing Quest For Identity & A Fixed Abode

For our second Most Wanted feature of the week we tapped up Clockwork ahead of his upcoming performance in Room Two this Saturday (9th May), to reveal to us what the most prized item on his want list is. As it turns out, it's not really a tangible entity he's after...

Clockwork: When thinking about what to write for this piece I somehow found myself in the midst of a dilemma that in all honesty, I have been avoiding for far too long. Technically I am living the life I have always wanted to live: making and playing music, touring most part of the world and getting paid well to do so, but I feel there are still some things missing that would make everything I’m doing and working on somewhat more complete. Here it goes…

Identity. Honestly, this is probably my main issue at the moment; it’s something I am craving more than anything else I can think of. For those who have followed my artistic path since my debut as Clockwork, they’ll know that a lot has changed - from the Clockwork duo splitting up to a pretty radical change in genre and musical relevance to my previous works. I don’t regret any of those actions as these are the things that define me as the person I am but I feel like I did lose part of myself along the way due to the many distractions these actions caused. I’m struggling to get it back and find a niche I find myself comfortable in, but, if the truth be told, I don’t know whether that would ever work out for me…

Don’t get me wrong, I get a real kick out of the fact that most times people won’t know what to expect from my sets, live performances and productions, but sometimes that backfires – both for my fans and for my artistic integrity. My curiosity and intent to constantly explore is a kind of damnation (if you can even define it so). I do definitely know what I want to do though. The perfect example of this would be the work Thomas and I have been executing for our live project CW/A; I feel that all that has given me enough perspective and courage to actually try out some new stuff that cohesively sums up all the material I have gathered in my head over these last five years or so that I dedicated myself entirely to music. Working with Thomas for so long now has aided me in many professional aspects and I can’t wait to get our CW/A project started properly and to simultaneously work out some new Clockwork material. Having said that CW/A and Parachute (the label I co-own and run with Thomas and Manfredi) will continue to be my main priority.

The second most wanted ‘thing’ is much more of a futile/material thing that isn’t merely as important as my musical identity and principles: a fixed home. I have been moving around countries since the age of 18 and although I have been based in Milan for the past couple years, I still can’t seem to find the right space to live in. I need a place where I can leave work behind and just sit back and take the edge off. Having transitioned through quite a few homes in the past five years I always seem to have chosen the most ‘fancy’ option rather than the most adequate one, so I feel that this is something that would definitely help me in getting some work done with the peace of mind that you have a place where you can go to just disconnect from everything.


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