Most Wanted
Mr. G Simply Hopes To Make You Smile

Our Most Wanted series is an opportunity for artists to dig a bit deeper and really think about what is important to them but might be missing from their world. Ahead of his appearance in Room One this coming Saturday night, Mr. G contemplated the gratitude he feels for everything he has currently and passes a wish on to be able to offer the world something instead…

Mr. G: My object of desire? Now that’s a tough one... I don't really desire anything. I live quite a spiritual life where I believe you 'put in what you get out?' In other words, be caring towards others and others may care for you.

I do yoga and pilates and excite the mind religiously, whether it may be through music, art, cooking, dancin' or even just getting lost in my own little world of thoughts. There’s always a thought or an action that leads to what and who I am. My path would never have happened if I'd desired anything specifically as I'm naturally quite a careful, well thought out kinda guy. I'm not at all spontaneous.

Just having the ability to make and translate my own music onto wax, music that folk might love and understand - and maybe even buy - was more than enough to keep my ole heart happy, but what happened after that, I could never have dreamt of. Yet throughout all this my heart's unknown desires were (and are still are) being fulfilled way beyond my wildest dreams.

Hard work and vision are the things I treasure most as these two go hand in hand with any art form and I think producing music and vinyl is an art form. When I look at any of the greats you can clearly see that [they all have a] head down, get on with it work ethic that just becomes a way of life.

My daily mantra is 'fail to prepare and prepare to fail'. That’s what goes around in my head and it serves me well in ALL I do but who knows...? Maybe I have a desire not to fail? Then again if you've never failed you've never tried anything new and that ain’t me as I love a new challenge. Especially when finally talked into talking that step and making that change. Life eh?

I do have one goal though and that’s simply to put smiles on people’s faces.

Photo: Danny Seaton

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