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Plastician Desires Tea On Tap

The latest artist to step up and deliver their desires for our ongoing Most Wanted series is Terrorythm head honcho, Plastician. Set to link up with the Playaz clan for their annual Easter Special party later this month (27th March) and again for another Tropical session in May (22nd), the Croydon based producer has spent some time pondering the proposition and came up with a pretty novel idea for his contribution…

Plastician: As far as production and studio equipment is concerned there is not much that I want. I don't get a great deal of time to spend writing music these days and I've never been much of a tech geek as most of my sounds come from virtual synths as opposed to hardware.

I think one gadget that might help my productivity in the studio however would be a tap which dispenses tea. Nothing fancy, just some standard PG Tips/Tetley vibes. I used to go through so many cups of tea but my studio/work space is in the garage at the end of my garden so I make a lot of trips to the kitchen in the house to make a drink of tea or coffee. Stopping the work flow puts me right out sometimes and I reckon it might be one of the key reasons so many of my musical projects end up unfinished. A 'Tea Tap' (TM) in the studio and who knows? I might even be able to write an album or two.


Friday 27th March

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