Most Wanted
Ryan Elliot Covets Motivation The Most

The latest artist to step up and deliver their desires for our ongoing Most Wanted series is the Detroit born, Berghain associate, Ryan Elliot. Set to link up with Ben Klock and Craig Richards in Room One this Saturday (21st March) Berlin based producer has spent some time pondering our proposition and came up with a pretty novel idea for his contribution…

Ryan Elliot: For this piece I chose not to talk about something that I ‘want,’ but rather two things that I already have. Two things that are so important to me, I am conscious of them every day and always work to nurture and grow them. I protect these two things so much, because they are not only the foundation of my DJ career, they’re the key to my happiness…

The first thing is the hunger to always scour, dig and expose new music - for myself and for the people I will be playing it for. This doesn’t have to be new as in ‘new releases,’ though, of course, it can be. This can be old music, new music, or unreleased music - as long as it’s new to me. Music that makes me dance around my living room on a Tuesday morning with a cup of coffee and the speakers on volume 12. Music that excites me, which I can’t wait to play that coming weekend. When you have new music like this, half of your job as a DJ is already done, because you can enter the club and know that you will also be entertaining yourself for the next few hours. But, having this kind of new music every week is very hard work. It means I am record shopping everyday - whether that’s at record stores or online on discogs, or digital sites. Keeping good music in my box, music that also fresh to me, keeps me excited about DJing.

The second thing is my desire to share the music I talk about above with others. For me that want to share is just as important as the music I am sharing. The excitement of knowing I have worked hard to find new music and I just can’t wait to let other people hear it. This want comes when I am prepared. If I have worked hard all week finding music and I have organised that music in a way that means I can find it quickly and easily, half the work of playing a good set is done; I can then enter the booth and enjoy the night. When the crowd is enjoying [it] and I am enjoying [it], then we are on our way to a special experience.

These two things are the pillars of me as a DJ and these two things are intertwined. What good is wanting to share your music if you don’t want to hear it yourself? What good is having exciting music if you don’t want to share it with the people who have come to see you play? I realise these things and realise how lucky I am to have them. I work very hard to keep them, grow them and stay conscious of them.

If I can do that always, I’ll be DJing well into my twilight years.


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