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Cleopatra Humphrey aka Mz.Bratt is a 17 year old female grime MC from East London. Remember her from T4's 'Musicool'? Yes, one in the same - and this time she is back to take the title of the UK's Princess of grime. I caught up with her for a quick chat to talk music, telly...and Wiley stealing her shine? Read on.

Who are you?
Mz.Bratt. An artist young people in particular can identify with. I'm all about positive energy and my music definitely portrays that.

When did you get into making music?
I actually started to make music when I was about 14, using Acid Pro, a radio mic or sometimes even headphones to record on.

What was it about grime that caught your ear?
At the time I think my generation could really relate to grime music and people still can relate to it. I think grime allows you to speak your mind and just be as real as it comes.

Is it hard being a female in the grime scene?
I think it's just hard being a female in the industry to tell the truth, but that hasn't disheartened me, it only feeds my motivation and determination even more and makes me work even harder at what I know I’m good at.

What are your thoughts on fellow female MCs?
I think there are so many talented female artists in the UK and my thoughts are simply this, if they want to pursue a career in music, they will!

T4 Musicool, how was that for you?
I found the whole experience really amazing. I really gained a lot of knowledge and professionalism from partaking in the show and I met a lot of talented people who I can now call friends along that journey.

How did you get signed to AATW / Universal?
My new single was getting a lot of support on radio before hand - DJs such as Pete Tong and Tim Westwood had played it and the A&R really liked what they heard and they believed in the track. It was then put forward and AATW really loved it, they are really supportive and I have a great team behind me.

Your new single, why did you opt for the whole electro / grime thing?
It just worked really and it's funny because me and Terror Danjah (who produced my new track) were making electro before Wiley dropped ‘Wearing My Rolex.’ We had made a tune called 'Bad Hair Day' which was played on KISS FM and BBC 1Xtra. The track actually had some label interest but then Wiley’s song got signed instead, so he asked me to feature on the girl's response of Rolex. 'Who Do You Think You Are' has a certain vibe which I think works really well.

What are your plans for the future?
I plan to continue working hard and making music and my next single should be dropping soon, but I'm concentrating on the present and my single release of 'Who Do You Think You Are' which is coming out on July 27th. I’m also currently supporting N-Dubz on tour and have loads of shows coming up so make sure you check them out!

Grab a copy of 'Who Do You Think You Are' on July 27th...
Til then, check out her new ish on

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