A statement from us on International Women's Day

Around the world today people are celebrating International Women’s Day. Cutting through all the think pieces and social media posts in our feeds, today is ultimately about one thing: celebrating the women in our lives.

For us in particular, it’s a day to champion the women working within the industry we work in and live for. Since we first opened our doors in 1999, females have been an integral part of keeping our machine running to the highest possible standard. They’re not just the DJs choosing the records played on our dancefloors – they’re our bookers, logistics managers, operations staff, floor staff, bar staff and photographers. Just look at Judy Griffith, who’s quietly programmed and run our Saturday nights here for nearly 20 years.

It’s also a chance to acknowledge the females that excel in pushing electronic music forwards. Artists like Margaret Dygas, Cassy, Helena Hauff, Magda, Amelie Lens and all our other regular female guests.

As we spend today celebrating the females that make us who we are, we also want to pledge to our commitment to improving on what we do. We’ll continue to support and champion the female artists we believe in, and work towards improving gender inequality in our industry. We’ll build upon our relationships with partners like to provide more opportunities for women in the music industry. We’ll show zero tolerance towards sexism, and highlight awareness surrounding our Good Night Out anti-harassment campaign. And we’ll keep welcoming electronic music fans into our space, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. We’re a club for everyone and that will always be the case.


international women's day at fabric

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