Craig Richards announces Collisions

When I chose to reduce my appearances at fabric the idea was to create a monthly night where I invite the guests. So far this year Nicolas Lutz, Margaret Dygas and Ricardo Villalobos. All three are great friends and so it has been very straightforward and in all three instances we have played together for the duration. Having now held three parties without a name I am pleased to announce a name.

COLLISIONS the concept is based around a sound clash. Collisions of sound. The aim being to cover as much musical ground as possible in a night.

My next guests are Schatrax and Seth Troxler.

Schatrax otherwise known as Josh Brent is globally revered for his unique and non conformist take on acid house. I am very excited to hear what he does to the room one sound system.

Seth Troxler needs little introduction… Seth first played at fabric when he was a mere 19 years old. A quirky and kind hearted kid from Detroit who became a quirky and kind hearted man with a great success story. Seth’s career spans the globe. We became friends instantly and this friendship and understanding of each other and each others record boxes makes for a great collision.


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